Wednesday, January 5, 2011

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Friday, October 22, 2010


So I had trouble uploading pictures to the new blog as well. So here is the new new blog I did post some pictures and this one works.

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

We've Moved . . .

. . . digitally that is. I ran out of image space on this blog and so had to start a new blog. The new blog is

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Super Fun Weekend

Our weekend actually began Thursday night when we went on a little Halloween Cruise. It was a boat ride with jack o lanterns displayed and with a pirate theme.

This was our captain.

This is the pirate that zip lined onto our boat.

Some of the Halloween displays they had on the way to the boat dock.

Jeff took off work on Friday so that he could take us to the Zoo.

I thought it was cool how the elephant reaches up for it's food.

The girls being cute.

They both loved the carousel.

This monkey looked so cute eating it's breakfast.

Brooke loved the black footed cats. We had to drag her away from the window.

They had a free flying bats exhibit. There are about 50 bats all clumped together.

They girls were excited for the train ride.

We finally discovered the play area. I don't know how we missed it before. The girls had a ball.

Aubrey worked and worked at this rope ladder and finally mastered it!!

Brookie loved climbing through the turtle shell.

Having fun on the swinging rope bridge.

Aubrey taking her Sis. down the great big slide.

We hit up McDonald's on the way home. Then while the girls were napping Jeff set up the Halloween decorations. The girls were super thrilled about it when they woke up.

Aubrey has always loved the hanging skeleton heads.

Brooke's taking a closer look.

Aubrey showing off her bravery. She's telling the monster, "I'm not afraid of you!"

Both girls waving at the monsters.

When I could finally get them inside for dinner they noticed this in the entry way:

And so this is how they insisted on sitting for dinner so they could interact with the Munk. What funny little monkeys they are.

This witch Grandma Buell gave to us and they love her also. Every time Brooke sees it, she cackles like a witch. It's so cute. Here she is taking a picture of the witch.

Saturday night Jeff took me out for an early birthday date. We went to dinner and to a Halloween dance show, "Thriller." It was so nice to have a night out!

Sunday morning Aubrey and I made Pumpkin bars using the Jack O Lantern pan Grandma Bagley gave us.

I had finished Brooke's ruffle skirt on Friday night so they both wore them to church on Sunday. I think they look darling and girly!

Aubrey was thrilled when she saw the Brooke and her were matching!

Then after church the Aunts and Uncles came over to make Glitter Pumpkins. Aunt Esther set the whole thing up. It was lots of fun.

Here's the crew minus me.

Aubrey showing off her Glitter pumpkin.

Brooke mainly just wiped off the glue and glitter from hers. Oh well, at least she was entertained for a while so I could make one.

Then someone (I can't remember if it was Summer or Esther) asked Aubrey if she was going to dance for us. Both Aubrey and Brooke were thrilled to dance for everyone.

Brooke didn't want to hold hands and dance, so Aubrey pulled out members of the audience to dance with her.

It was a super fun weekend! And we have some fun planned for this week as well! Hurray for the Holidays!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Our Fuzzy Friend

This is our new friend, a wooly bear caterpillar.

Zoe has them all over her yard and was nice enough to share one with us. He will turn into a moth in the Spring. We have had fun feeding him this fall.

We've been giving him grass and leaves to munch on. We even saw him take a munch out of a leaf one day. The leaf had a cute little mouth print!

Aubrey giving it some water.

Brooke had to try next.

I think he may be hibernating now. He hasn't moved for a few days so I am hoping he is hibernating and not dead! They hibernate during the fall and winter and then make a cocoon in the spring. I'm hoping we can see the whole process!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Growing a little Everyday

I finally got around to showing Aubrey how to use the mouse on the computer. She is in LOVE! At first she wanted to go through the blog and play all of the videos of her and Brooke. Then I introduced her to games and she is just having a ball. At least the preschool games are all educational!

Last week Aubrey chatted Grandma Buell's ear off on the phone. It was so cute. I think she talked for about a half an hour. She just talked and talked. Toward the end she decided to read her some stories. This is her with phone on foot board and reading Grandma a story.

Aubrey has been working on learning to button buttons the last couple months. Last week she was finally able to do it on her own. This is her excitedly showing that she buttoned all the buttons all by herself!

Somehow Aubrey discovered that if you twist the swing it makes a fun twirly ride. They both enjoy the twisty turny (as we call it)

Here's Brookie flying around.

I got the girls some Jack O Lantern's for trick or treating. They were a big hit! Brooke even knows which is hers and which is Aubrey's.

Brooke loves to give Aubrey hugs! So sweet!

Brooke has figured out how to climb the ladder to the slide all by herself. She's very proud of her accomplishment and wants to do it over and over and over again!