Friday, October 1, 2010

Fall Colors

For Family Home Evening on Monday we decided to go to the mountains and see the fall leaves. I didn't know how much Aubrey would be into it, but she loved it. Last time we had gone to the mountains the leaves were still green, but we told Aubrey soon they would be changing colors. When I told her Monday morning we were going to see the fall leaves, she was so excited. She even colored a picture of the fall leaves - orange, pink & yellow.

As we drove Aubrey excitedly pointed out all the colors she was seeing.

We went to a little park and had a picnic dinner & FHE lesson. I prepared a little lesson on the creation. I showed a picture of what was created each day and then we looked around the park to see if we could find something that was created that day. After we were done the girls glued the pictures in the correct order of their creation.

Aubrey had been asking Jeff to take her fishing. So he brought his fishing stuff and they did a little fishing. Aubrey was so into it. It was really cute to see them excitedly doing something together.

Helping daddy put on the fishing line.

I had to take this pic in a hurry, because Brooke was trying to get in to play with the ducks.

Fishing with Daddy is fun.

They didn't catch a fish, but the guy next to us did, so we took them over to see it.

Then Aubrey noticed the playground equipment, so off they ran to play.

As we we packing our stuff up to leave, Brookie wanted to help too. She tried picking up our blanket. When we were leaving I handed a bag to Aubrey to help take to the car. Brooke reached her hand up to me and said, "help." So sweet. I found her something little she could carry. I love seeing her becoming even more involved in what we are doing.

It was a really fun FHE. I am sooooo loving our BEAUTIFUL fall weather.

A few days later, Aubrey played pretend going to the mountains all day. By afternoon I could finally join in with her. She packed a little picnic lunch for us. She then drove Brooke's car to the mountains. Then we had a picnic, went fishing and she taught us a lesson on the creation. It is still so cute to see her acting out all of the things that make an impression on her!

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Mom B said...

What a fun FHE. You do make them so special. I love all the pictures of our darling little girls.