Tuesday, August 31, 2010

New to us Slide

Thank you Parry family!! Our neighbors were given an old swing set from their neighbors when they moved. It had a slide attached, but they already had a slide. So they gave it to us.

My girls could not be more thrilled! Aubrey has always LOVED slides and is passing that love onto her sister. While daddy was hooking it up to the swing set, Aubrey asked about a million times if she could go down it yet.

We have spent soooo much time going down the slide this last week!

Aubrey has really come out of her shell this Summer. She is trying things that in the past would have really scared her. I am so glad to see her tackling some fears and putting herself out there more.

Brooke is my little dare devil. I sat her on top and she just pushed herself down without any problem.

My two cuties going together.

Once Brooke gets to the bottom she just starts climbing right back up. She can get pretty far up to. When she's done climbing, she just turns around and slides back down.

Aubrey couldn't have her baby sister out doing her!

Oh how happy Aubrey is to have her own Big Slide!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hats Hats Hats

Since the cooler weather is soon coming, I had to start crocheting some hats for my little cuties.

Here are my little models showing off their new hats.

Brooke's hat came about because of the "practice" skirt I made for her. Before I sewed her Halloween costume, I wanted to practice the skirt on some scrap fabric I had at home. (I just made up the pattern and wanted to make sure it would fit before I used the expensive fabric.) Anyway, it ended up being cute, so I found a cardigan to match and then made a hat to complete the outfit. I used the same skirt fabric for the flower and ribbon on the hat. I was very pleased with how it all turned out.

I was too lazy to take off her pajama top and put a white onesie on her!

Making hats and getting out and purchasing the fall/winter clothes helps me get through the end of summer blues.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Daddy and his Girls

I came home from shopping one night to see this cute little scene. I should go shopping every night!

Daddy got Brooke up from her nap one day and she just snuggled right into his lap. She looked so cute with her blankie and baby. Of course as soon as I came with the camera she sat up and I ruined the moment.

Aubrey has been such a daddy's girl lately. Almost every day she says that she misses her daddy or wishes that he could be home and didn't have to work. And Brooke is bonding with her daddy more these days as well. I sure do love seeing my little cuties snuggling and playing with their daddy!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

A few weeks back

I've been busy having fun and working on projects, that I haven't had time to blog. So, I decided I needed to start and catch up, before it gets too overwhelming!

The girls are still having fun harvesting tomatoes. Here are some photos of Brooke picking away.

She has still not caught on that she is only supposed to pick the red ones! Lucky for us we have an overabundance, so I don't worry when she picks some green ones!

The following are pics from the beginning of the month when she started pushing herself to standing. She looks so big when she stands up! I didn't realize she's not really a baby anymore until I saw how big she was standing!

Because we always clap for her, she started clapping as soon as she would stand!

G & G Bagley came for a little visit to be here for my Bro-in-law, Bryan's Graduation. I had taken pictures with my mom's camera and planned on uploading them before she left. But, I forgot.

Here are a couple of pics while they were at the house.

Much to our surprise Brooke went right to Grandpa and Grandma without any fussing! I hope we are getting through this stranger/separation anxiety phase. Especially since she starts nursery in about a month.

That little monkey thought she was big enough to open the door and escape! She is one determined little thing so I am going to have to be really careful with her when she grows a few more inches. I have no doubt that she will be opening doors like a pro as soon as she can get her hand around them.

Brooke is still such a cute little mimicker. One day I was bathing the two girls. I pulled Brooke out and sat her on the floor. I went to get Aubrey out. When I turned back, Brooke had gotten herself to the toilet paper, pulled a piece off and was wiping her bum. It was too funny!

One day she found one of Aubrey's cups. She took it over to the refrigerator door and was holding it up as high as she could. She was trying to fill it up like she sees Aubrey do all of the time.

Brooke is still talking a lot and learning new words everyday. She LOVES to point out things and name them. Both in stories and things in whatever room we are in. She is loving animals right now. She was pretty much attacking Sophie (my sis in laws dog) last time we saw her, and anytime she sees a cat she starts meowing excitedly.

Her favorite word is still "baby". I should count how many times a day she says it. Anytime she sees a doll, wants a doll, sees a live baby or sees a baby in a story, she will say "baby" several times. It is so cute seeing how much she loves babies.

She is not a patient thing. In fact whenever I tell her "just a minute", no matter how nicely I say it, she throws a fit. I certainly hope this is a phase.

Brooke and Aubrey are playing so much better together these days. This is mainly because Aubrey is being so good at sharing with her. There have been a few times this week that they played for 20 or so minutes together without fighting or crying at all. Those times were a dream come true for me!

Here are some more garden harvesting photos.

Daddy was throwing potatoes out of the garden and both girls were putting them in the bucket. They both thought it was a mighty fun game!

My cute little tomato pickers!

And it's always important to squish a few tomatoes!

Aubrey is in such a cute and sweet phase right now. She has been really well behaved and such a good little helper. Most of the time when I ask her to do something she says, "OK Mommy" and jumps up and does it.

She is loving her doll right now and every night puts her baby to bed by singing her songs and reading her stories, giving her a bottle and tucking her in. It is so darling!

The following video is a Aubrey singing a lullaby to her baby that she made up herself.

Brookie wanted to play baby too!

A few cute things Aubrey has said over the last few weeks:

One night Jeff said to Aubrey, "Never grow up, stay this age forever." Aubrey looked at him with the saddest face and said, "But I want to be a Mommy."

"When I'm a little bit bigger I won't do naughty things so much."

She was playing with Brooke one day and said, "Heavenly Father sent us the cutest baby ever."
And then a few days later at dinner time she repeated the sentiment.

Just tonight as I was putting her to bed she asked me, "Mommy will you watch me get married?" When I told her that I would she said, "But what Prince will I marry?" Hmm lots of girls and women have that very same question!

At church last Sunday someone asked Jeff when Aubrey's birthday was. He gave what he thought was Aubrey's birthday. Aubrey then said, "No it's not, it's . . ." Jeff then said no Aubrey and repeated the date he had originally said. Aubrey disagreed and told him her birthday. After church Jeff asked me when Aubrey's birthday was, and lo and behold Aubrey had it right! Jeff and to take a big old bite of humble pie!

The very next day Aubrey asked me to sing a song that Grandpa Bagley had sang to her. I started singing it to her and when I sang about the little rain cloud that cried she piped in and said, "No mommy it's the little white cloud that cries." I disagreed with her, but she said, "no mommy grandpa sings it the little white cloud." I finally called my dad and asked him what the correct lyrics were. Once again Aubrey had it right. Nothing gets past that little stinker. We are in big trouble now!

She is very excited to start her dance class next week and then preschool the following week! I am doing a little preschool coop with some neighbors and have had so much planning the activites!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hurray Brooke!

I have some catching up to do - but no time to do it tonight.

But I had to quickly post our exciting happening for today.

Brooke at 16.5 months finally started walking today!

We were playing in Aubrey's room and Brooke wanted a toy to put in the play highchair. I found a stuffed animal and called for her to come and get it. She turned around and just walked across Aubrey's room. Apparently she wanted to make sure she had it all figured out before she even gave it a try.

So, I ran and got my camera and got some video's of her walking. So these are her 2nd, 3rd and 4th attempt at walking. (Well except for the times she's walked in the pool. But those times she had help with the balance water gives you and a life jacket to hold her up.)

Hurray Brooke we are all so proud of you!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Little Princess

After church 2 Sundays ago Aubrey told Jeff and I, "Next Sunday I want to wear my Princess dress, have princess hair and have pink polish on my fingers and toes." So, when Sunday rolled around, I did my best to turn her into a church appropriate princess.

Here's my little princess on her way out to church.

I thought her hair turned out so cute, that I had to take a pic.

Aubrey is becoming more and more opinionated about what she wears and how she wants her hair done. I'm kind of sad about this, because I have always enjoyed dolling up my little Aubrey. Or as my Father-in-law calls it, "playing baby." Anyway, I'm glad I have Brooke to "play baby" with, but she just needs to get some more hair!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Family Fun Night

A few Monday nights ago we decided to take Daddy to the Family Fun Center for Family Home Evening. Aubrey was so excited to show daddy all the fun things we did there.

It started raining as soon as we got there, but I didn't let that stop us from having fun. So, we were pretty much soaking wet the whole time.

Aubrey was thrilled to ride the airplane ride, "All by myself."

Daddy giving Brookie a ride.

After the airplane ride and bumper boats, the rain started coming down pretty hard, so we went inside for a bit.

Aubrey decided she was brave enough to do the Frog Hopper.

I wondered if she would get scared, because it gets really high, but she was smiling every time it dropped.

Then Aubrey wanted to try out the inside playground. I've never let her play inside those tunnel type playgrounds before. I've never liked the idea that I can't see her, or get to her quickly. Plus who knows who is up inside those things. Anyway, since there was nobody there, we let her go for it. She really wanted to go down the slide, but kept getting lost. Here she is coming down the slide once she FINALLY found it. (Jeff actually had to climb up and show her the way!)

Brooke was completely content climbing up and down the bottom of the slide.

Then the rain let up so we went back outside. Aubrey loved doing the go karts with Daddy.

And of course had to do the airplane again.

Both girls loved the carousel.

Brookie waving at mommy.

Aww look at my cute little crew.

Then on our way out, Aubrey reminded Daddy that she wanted to golf. So, we stayed a little longer to do a little mini golf.

As we were going home I asked Aubrey if that was a fun Family Home Evening. She replied, "Yeah that was fun, but Mommy I want a lesson." Funny kid. I'm glad she likes our FHE lessons so much!