Saturday, October 31, 2009

My First Scarf

After finally completing Aubrey's hat, I had to make a coordinating scarf to go with it last night! I think she looks like a doll in them - I am so pleased!

Friday, October 30, 2009


After several failed attempts at crocheting a new hat for Aubrey, I finally finished one that actually fit her!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Party & Pumpkins

We got to go to Daddy's work Halloween party on Monday night. Aubrey was thrilled once again to get to go to a party. While we were getting ready to go, I had to go in the garage to get something. Aubrey heard the door open and came running down the hall saying, "Where are you going Mommy." I told her that I was just getting something from the garage. She then said, "If you went bye bye and I was here by myself, that would be sad." Too cute! She thought I was going to leave her.

This is what Jeff calls her excited face. She was running down the hall trying to find the party!

Aubrey is a little afraid of witches. So daddy had to hold her to pin the nose on the witch. It's funny that she's not afraid of daddy's skulls & monsters (well most of the time) but she is afraid of witches, go figure!

Loved doing the cake walk. Did it over and over again.

The bean bag toss is also another of Aubrey's favorites.

Brooke was having a ball just watching everyone. I put her purse on her lap, so that she could play with it. She ended up getting her purse straps around her arm all by herself.

Brooke wanted to join in on the fun too!

Brooke was all pooped out after all that stimulation!

Jeff & I carved some fake pumpkins a few years back so that we could use them year after year. After Aubrey was born, I got a little one and carved a baby one for her. This year when we got them out, Aubrey saw the baby one and said that it was a baby Brooke pumpkin. She wondered where hers was. So, I told her that I would carve an Aubrey size one. Monday night I carved a medium sized pumpkin for her. She was so excited. She wanted to have a picture taken with it.

We still do the traditional real pumpkin carving. We did that on Tuesday night. Aubrey had a blast with that too. When she woke up from her nap I told her that when daddy came home we would carve Jack-O-Lanterns. As soon as he came home she ran up to daddy, grabbed his hand and said, "Let's go make faces on the pumpkins daddy."

Jeff did the dirty work - cleaning them out!

Brooke was quite intrigued with the whole process. She kept grabbing at the pumpkins.

Before we began, I drew some pictures of eyes, noses and mouths. Then I had Aubrey choose which features she wanted for our Pumpkins. I then drew the ones she chose on the first pumpkin. She saw me do that and insisted on drawing a face on the other pumpkin.

Brooke watching in interest as the carving began.

As you can see from Aubrey's face, she thought the whole thing was so much fun!

Just watching us carve was not good enough for Aubrey. "I want to do it myself too" she said.

Helping Daddy carve!

After she helped daddy she said, "Mommy sit closer so I can help you too." As you can see in the picture below, Brooke wanted to help also!

My cuties with the completed Jack O Lanterns

The whole fam having fun together!

We thought we'd light up all of the fake ones as well.

Here they all are - Both Aubrey and Brooke loved to see the table full of glowing Jack O Lantern's.

It snowed yesterday. I was not so thrilled - but Aubrey thought it was so much fun. It was pretty cold, so I only let her play for a few minutes. I don't know where she learned this, but she immediately stuck out her tongue and started running around trying to catch the flakes on her tongue.

I love watching Aubrey use her imagination and creativity. Yesterday she was "helping" me fold laundry. When the basket was empty she looked at it and excitedly said, "Mommy this can be a tubby for my animals." She than proceeded to fill it up with her stuffed animals and than one by one washed their hair. Oh to be two and find so much joy in an empty laundry basket!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Let the Halloween Festivities Begin

We had our ward Halloween party tonight. Aubrey was so excited for it and had a blast the whole time!

My cuties in their 50's costumes.

Aubrey loved to play all of the games. Here she is watching daddy get his booth all ready to go.

Loving the Halloween Castle

JJ, Cindy & Grandma joined us at the party as well.

Knocking over cans with bean bags

My little cutie enjoying the party from the stroller.

Who doesn't love a bean bag toss.

Snuggles with daddy.

Throwing eyeballs in the cauldron.

You gotta have a cake walk.

Grandma with the Grandkids.

Fishing for some candy.

Hangin' with Zoe.

We all enjoyed the Hayride. Aubrey loved that she could see the moon and stars on the ride.

It was a real fun party. It's always fun to take Aubrey to a party. Just watching her have fun is fun for me.
After the party I took Grandma & the girls home and then went back to pick up Jeff. While I was gone Aubrey wanted to find her purse to get some candy. She told Grandma that she better call mommy. She picked up the phone and said something like this, "Hello mommy. Is my purse with you or is it here. I need to get some candy. Bye Bye." Grandma said it was real cute.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

It's hat season!

With the weather getting cooler, I thought I'd break out the crochet needles and make matching hats for my girls.

This is Brooke's hat. I thought it turned out pretty cute. The flower is not permanently attached, so I can change it out with different colors.

And where's Aubrey's hat, you might ask. Well, first I made one that was too big. Then I unwound it and started over. I just tried it on and the second one is too small. So, I haven't decided if the 3rd time will be the charm or if I'll just give up on it!

More pics from the week

Aubrey thought the bouncy seat was the perfect place to sit and watch a show.

Brooke lounging and being cool

I'm not quite sure what Brooke was doing, but with her sitting that far forward it was making the swing go really fast.

My little helper cleaning the bathroom with me.

Yesterday Aubrey was playing a little rough with Brooke and Brooke started to cry. Before I got there to asses the situation, I heard Aubrey say, "I'm sorry Brooke. Oh sweetie pie, I'm sorry." It was really sweet.

At the dinner table last night we were talking about Aubrey, Brooke and Calli being born. It's fun hearing Aubrey talk about meeting Brooke, because she was not as verbal at the time and she remembers so much about it. Anyway, we were talking about how they were each in our tummy and then they came out. Then Aubrey said, "We used to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus. At their house. The church." I thought the church comment was too funny. It makes sense though. We talk about the church being Heavenly Father's house - so of course that's where they lived with them. I was also so happy Aubrey remembered that they used to live with Heavenly Father and Jesus.

Also at dinner on Friday Aubrey said, "Maybe Aunt Esther and Uncle Bryan can come over another time." I told her that they would come over again. And then she said, "Next time maybe Brooke can go with Mommy and Daddy." I asked her if she wanted Aunt Esther and Uncle Bryan all to herself and she just grinned really big. Too funny! She doesn't want Brooke stealing her thunder. Funny kid!