Monday, October 18, 2010

Growing a little Everyday

I finally got around to showing Aubrey how to use the mouse on the computer. She is in LOVE! At first she wanted to go through the blog and play all of the videos of her and Brooke. Then I introduced her to games and she is just having a ball. At least the preschool games are all educational!

Last week Aubrey chatted Grandma Buell's ear off on the phone. It was so cute. I think she talked for about a half an hour. She just talked and talked. Toward the end she decided to read her some stories. This is her with phone on foot board and reading Grandma a story.

Aubrey has been working on learning to button buttons the last couple months. Last week she was finally able to do it on her own. This is her excitedly showing that she buttoned all the buttons all by herself!

Somehow Aubrey discovered that if you twist the swing it makes a fun twirly ride. They both enjoy the twisty turny (as we call it)

Here's Brookie flying around.

I got the girls some Jack O Lantern's for trick or treating. They were a big hit! Brooke even knows which is hers and which is Aubrey's.

Brooke loves to give Aubrey hugs! So sweet!

Brooke has figured out how to climb the ladder to the slide all by herself. She's very proud of her accomplishment and wants to do it over and over and over again!

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Esther Attridge said...

Aubrey may have been introduced to the twisty turny by the Attridges :). We did that for a long time with her one time while we were babysitting!