Friday, January 9, 2009


We gave Aubrey "If you Give a Cat a Cupcake" for Christmas this year. Both Jeff and I (independent from each other) would say, "HiYa" whenever we got to the page where the cat is doing Karate. Aubrey started not only saying, "HiYa" whenever we get to that page, but refers to the book as, "HiYa". Whenever she wants to read this story we hear "HiYa" over and over again until we read it. Well, last night I noticed Jeff teaching Aubrey how to do some Karate chops as they were saying "HiYa". So this is what Aubrey was doing all morning:

I don't know if you all are familiar with this series. But, Aubrey just loves them. We only have two. The original "If you give a mouse a cookie" and the above one. For the past month, "If you Give a Mouse a Cookie" is by far Aubrey's favorite story. She will look through the book over and over again in one sitting. She also has to have it when she is sitting on the potty. Funny girl! So now it lives in the bathroom!

Since we are on the topic of children's books, we also gave Aubrey, "God Gave us You" for Christmas. I LOVE this story. I was crying in Walmart as I was reading it. It was one of those that as I read it I felt like it was our story being told. Luckily Aubrey loves it as well. It's definitely one of her new favs.

Her favorite page in the book is when they are at the doctors office listening to the baby's heartbeat. Aubrey has come to the midwifes with me several times and loves to hear Brooke's heartbeat. She always talks about it by saying, "Boom Boom Boom". So now this story is called "Boom Boom Boom". I love that she titles her books so that she can tell us what she wants to read! Anyway, this book has been perfect for us. It is all about the process of mommy getting pregnant and her belly getting bigger and than the baby being born and then bringing the baby home. I think it is helping Aubrey understand the whole process. So, hopefully she won't be too surprised when Brooke is on the outside! I think she is getting it somewhat cause her second favorite page is when the baby is born. She always exclaims "BABY" when we get to that page. So, we'll see.

After we bought that book I noticed on the back that there is a sequel, "God Gave us Two". Apparently it is teaching the first child about having a sibling. I have to have this book! I have searched everywhere for months and I can't find it locally. I will probably have to just order it. I'm thinking it will be Aubrey's valentine present.

One of my favorite things has always been children's books. I am soooo glad that Aubrey loves to read! Of all of her Christmas gifts, her new stories are by far the most used and loved. I've been reading to her since birth. At 3 months I made it part of our daily routine. And since then we have both been hooked. I hope Brooke will love stories as well!


p-boi said...

Reading is a great way to bond! That's funny about the karate. Sean will have to show her some moves!

Summer Carlile said...

That is hilarious, she is really cute when she does karate.