Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dancing Girls

Both of my girls love to dance. Brooke will start moving and shaking as soon as music comes on.

She has seen Aubrey spin and has started spinning on her bum. It is too cute. She also will hop on her bum really high, I think to mimic Aubrey's jumping. I didn't get a good video of Brooke's high hops, but I did get the spinning.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Pretty Pretty Princess

Remember the makeup that Aubrey won at Circus Circus. Well she just couldn't wait to put it on the next morning. Here she is with her face and hands covered in it and wearing as many necklaces and bracelets as she could find!

She came up to me with that cute little pucker and said in a puckery voice, "Mom can you take a picture of me looking like a pretty pretty princess?"

I LOVE that she feels the need to pucker when her lips are covered in lip gloss. Whatever would we do without our Aubrey girl. She brings us so much entertainment!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Cinderella's Castle

On the way to Yosemite we saw this:

Aubrey took one look at it and exclaimed, "It's Cinderella's Castle!"

When we were driving home I really wanted to stay the night in Vegas. When I was a child we stayed at Circus Circus sometimes on our way to visit family. So I had been trying to convince Jeff that we should stay in Vegas at Circus Circus (because that's where the fun stuff for kids is.) I had entirely forgotten the "Cinderella's Castle" comment. Anyway I finally got Jeff to agree that I could call Circus Circus, and if the rates were reasonable than we could stay there. We found out that the rates were more than reasonable, but that they were all booked. I was disappointed. But they did mention that they heard the Excalibur still had availability and had me transferred there. I got the room booked and asked them where they were located. They gave me the exit and then said, "You can't miss us, we are the one that looks like a castle." Immediately my disappointment left and I got so excited for Aubrey that we were going to stay in Cinderella's castle.

Anyway, it was pretty late when we got there, but Aubrey watched in wonder as we headed in to stay at Cinderella's castle. In the morning, one of her first questions was, "Where does Cinderella sleep?" So, I told her that she slept in the tallest tower, which appeased her.

After getting ready we headed over to Circus Circus for the breakfast buffet and to have some fun in the kids section. On our way out of the hotel Aubrey found the tallest tower were she knew that Cinderella was sleeping. It was too cute!

As we walked into the buffet, I immediately recognized it from when I was a kid. That says a lot, because I have a terrible long-term memory. Anyway after a delicious breakfast we headed over to the games. The girls had a blast!

This game you had to roll the ball down the lane and try to land it in a high scoring slot.

Brooke loves balls, so we had to give her a chance. She had watched Aubrey and immediately knew what to do.

We found a section with tons of rides and arcade games and the girls were in heaven!

Even daddy participated.

I love how Brooke is trying to play the game too. Whatever Aubrey is doing - she has to do too or she is just not happy!

I love to see my cuties so happy!

After the games and rides we took our tickets to see if we could claim a prize. Aubrey immediately saw some kids makeup and wanted it badly. I was so happy because we had just the right amount of tickets.

Then we were off to the van to finish our trek home.

It was very fun for me to share with my little family something I did as a child and loved. I am a city girl through and through. Not that I don't enjoy nature, it's pretty and all - but give me the lights of Vegas or a super fun amusement or water park and that's what gets me excited!

It was a fun trip and I am glad that we could go. Aubrey's been asking about cousin Katie since we've been home. It makes me sad that we don't really know when we will see her again. Hopefully soon!

Thanks Mom for planning a really great reunion and for all of your hard work and yummy meals! We love you!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Final Day in Yosemite

On Wednesday we had to check out of the cabin, but decided to stay around to check out some more of Yosemite before hitting the road.

We took a little stroll to the Yosemite falls.

You can see me and my girls really small at the bottom of the falls. We were getting pretty wet, so the girls were not too happy about it.

Then we had a little picnic lunch with the rest of the fam. Aubrey and daddy found the perfect log to sit on.

Somebody dropped their apple at lunch and not too long later a squirrel found it and was munching on it.

Aubrey loved this little creek.

Her and JJ were two peas in a pod when it came to throwing rocks into the water.

The two cute babies in the family.

Brookie is already trying to be a little mommy and give Cali squeezes.

What cute little munchkins they are.

Brooke loved the big rocks that she could use to pull herself up and cruise around on.

Me and my sisters.

It was a fun last excursion on our Yosemite trip. We left from there on our trek home!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Yosemite Day 3

On day 3 of our reunion, most of the boys went golfing. The rest of us went on a little train ride. The kids absolutely loved it.

The above car is called a Jenni car - which is what we rode on. The below train is what we were planning to ride on, but were late due to construction. But, the little ones didn't mind. The Jenni car was good enough for them!

After the train ride Aubrey, Tyler, Katie & JJ panned for gold.

And what, do you ask, is even better than gold - rocks of course.

Who needs gold when the ground is covered in rocks. What a thrill.

Jeff deciphering with his eyes closed which hand held the gold and which held the rock. Gold is much heavier, so it's easy to decipher.

When we got back to the cabin, Aubrey shared her art supplies and the kids all drew pictures.

Aubrey & Katie wanted to do some more dancing, so I put on some music for them. They sure were super cute and they were both asking me to take their picture. Hmmm they both must have moms who take an awful lot of pictures!

I had to get a pic. of Brooke climbing the stairs. I couldn't turn my back on her for a second before she would be on her way up.

Then the little ones took a bath together. Rub a dub dub, three girls in the tub.

Then JJ joined them.

Sidewalk chalk came next.

Brooke was pretty clingy to me most of the time. She had a few moments of playing with others. Here she is having a ball with Aunt Summer.

Then Aubrey had to join in the fun.

Sitting with Grandma for family home evening.

The plan was that we were going to have FHE and the talent show the Sunday we arrived. But, it was too late after dinner. So we split it up and had the talent show Monday night and the lesson Tuesday night. Thomas & Kaylyn gave the lesson and did a fabulous job.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Yosemite 2

Day 2 at Yosemite started nice and early (like every day with my early birds.) It is quite nice though to not be the only one up that early.

Aubrey & Brooke both just adored Calli. They wanted to be touching and playing with her whenever she was around.

Sweet Kaylyn wanted so badly to play with my little ones. My girls, however, are not fond of large groups and do not warm up quickly. I was glad though that Kaylyn did get some time to hold Brooke.

That's my big brother Dane and his 2nd Kaylyn with my Brookie bug.

Then after the rest awoke we got dressed up to take Family pictures. My awesome sis-in-law Karen, has recently started a photography business and was nice enough to do family pictures and group shots for all of us. She did a fabulous job!

Here is all 22 of us.

Our little family.

My dad was cracking us up. He was behind the camera being a turkey and a duck to make my girls look up and smile.

This is me with my 3 little sisters. I LOVE this picture.

Then we were off on a hike to Mirror lake. G & G took over our strollers which was AWESOME!

Grandma & her 3 year old granddaughters.

3 is her favorite age and she was lucky enough to have two 3 year olds on the trip.

Tyler wanted to push the stroller and I was happy to hand it over to him!

My parents holding hands - how cute!

We made it to mirror lake. It was freezing - but Aubrey attempted going in a few times.

Playing with Katie. While we were looking at the pictures today Aubrey said to me, "I really liked playing with my cousin Katie." I wish they could see each other more. Katie is just a doll!

My little cutie!

At Mirror lake there is a spot that people have built rock towers.

That is right up Aubrey's alley. She had to add her tiny tower to the bunch.

Daddy jumped in to join her.

Brooke talking a walk with Uncle Steve.

After we returned home and had dinner the kids put on a talent show. I think that was my favorite part of the trip.

Before the show began Aubrey & Katie were too cute sitting together and chatting.

First was Thomas & Tyler who did a comedy act for us.

Then Kaylyn did a magic show. She amazed us all with her crayon trick.

Brookie bug showed us her mommy skills and did some signs.

JJ showed off his athleticism.

Aubrey showed her artistic talent with a family portrait and handmade jewelry.

Then she recited the 1st Article of Faith that she has memorized.

Katie did a darling Ballet dance for us.

After Katie's dance the other munchkins wanted to dance too. Here they are doing "Ring around the Rosies."

Aubrey quickly picked up Katie's ballet moves and has been doing them non-stop since.

It was a fun day! It was great to have us all together and hanging out!