Friday, May 29, 2009

Just another week

We had a real laid back Memorial Day. We just hung out in the backyard while Jeff made a trellis for our peas. Then in the afternoon, Aubrey wanted to go for a walk - so we just took a stroll around the neighborhood. While we were out, Aubrey was loving all of the flags. She wanted to go and touch them all - so we promised her when we got home she could touch our flag.

I wanted to get a cute pic of Aubrey in her red, white & blue with the flag - but she wasn't cooperative.

Aubrey is such a girlie girl. She still loves her hair supplies that she got for her birthday. I love to see the cute bag on her arm while she finds the spot that she wants to sit and do her hair. When she is done she always says, "Aubrey all ready - Aubrey go bye bye."

I decided that it is pretty near impossible to get a cute pic. of a toddler and an infant together. Not the most flattering pic. of Brooke - but I love how much Aubrey loves to see and hold her little sis. I think you can see the admiration in her expression in this picture. She sometimes calls Brooke "Aubrey's baby sissy".

With Brooke being so fussy lately - we decided to give the pacifier a try this week. Both of my girls have not been "naturals" at nursing - so I like to hold off on the pacifier until they are at least 6 weeks and are doing well at nursing. Anyway, she likes it sometimes and hates it at others. That's kind of how Aubrey was. I don't mind that - cause Aubrey was super easy to ween - since she wasn't totally attached.

I put Brooke in the crib for a few minutes while I changed Aubrey's diaper this afternoon. Aubrey thought that was really fun and when we finished with her diaper she went over and started talking to her and holding her hand. So sweet. She wanted to get in with her - but I didn't think that was the best idea!

Brooke is starting to grow so much these last few weeks. She gained almost a pound in one week. We might have another chubby baby after all!
A few days ago while I was making dinner, I heard Aubrey say "Kneel down and pray." She then knelt by the coffee table and said, "Dear Heavenly Father, thank you." That was all her prayer was, but that's a start. She also has been funny this week - if we don't thank Heavenly Father for each of the family members she will remind us and make us pray again. She also really loves temples. This week the Ensign came and she was looking at it. The back has a picture of the temple. She saw it and real excitedly said, "Temple!" Then she said, "Mommy Daddy marry temple, Aubrey marry Temple someday." I love it!

This week Aubrey has started counting to 10. It's so cute. She will either point at things and count to 10 or jump up and down 10 times while counting. I love seeing all of her progress. She also likes to point out letters while she is reading. If she sees an A she will point it out and say, "A for Aubrey." She does the same for M, D & B. (M for Mommy, D for Daddy and B for Brooke.) It's amazing what these little people can learn and retain. Before I met Jeff I had considered getting an advanced degree in Child Psychology and I wanted to do research on child development. That plan changed when we got married and I needed to put Jeff through his masters program. But, it is certainly fun watching a child develop right before my eyes. I am so excited to get to watch a second one and see the similarities and difference. They are my little research subjects!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Aubrey Reading

As I was doing the last post I heard Aubrey reading away in her room. I thought I'd get a video of her doing it. Some books she has the words memorized and "reads" them, others she just talks about the pictures and people. I thought I had been recording one that she was "reading" the words, but it didn't record. Here is her telling about the characters in her Clifford story. It actually used to be Jeff's book when he was a kid - and now it is one of Aubrey's favs.

In case you need interpretation the characters are: Clifford, Mary Elizabeth, Bruno & Martha. She is saying something like, "this Clifford right there."

Brooke's frst time at Church

We took Brooke to church for the first time yesterday. I decided that 2 kids equals double the trouble! We did alright - but man was I tired afterwards. I was trying to make it to Primary as well on Sunday since I have been an absentee President for the last 6 weeks. I only made it to part of Junior and part of Senior. But hey, at least I was there for part.

Brooke was not pleased at the beginning of Sacrament meeting. I had to hang out in the foyer for awhile to get her to sleep. I made it back in for the last talk and then she slept nicely for the rest of Sacrament and then for Sunday School with daddy. Aubrey though has regressed with Nursery these last few weeks. So, before Primary even begins I get a visit from a crying Aubrey. So, since I want to encourage nursery - I took her back and stayed for about 30 min. I finally was able to sneak out when she got involved in coloring her picture. I wasn't sure if she would stay when she realized I was gone - but she was fine the rest of nursery.

So, I went back to primary. I was there for the last bit of junior and a small part of senior primary when a hungry Brooke came for a visit. Once I was done nursing Brooke - church was just about over. I am not sure how I am going to be able to do Sharing Time or Conduct with my two monkeys. Hopefully, we will adjust better soon and I can participate more in Primary.

Brooke in her church attire. One of my favs of all the baby clothes. Aunt Katie & Uncle Elliot gave it to Aubrey and I am glad we have another little munchkin to wear it.

I really wanted to get a picture of my two cuties together since I thought their dresses coordinated nicely (unintentionally). But, Brooke would have none of that. Aubrey also got quite nervous with Brooke crying on her lap.

Getting all dressed up and looking pretty must be hard work for a little one - cause she slept so peacefully in her bouncy chair for several hours after church!

After Aubrey's nap yesterday she just wanted to sit on my lap in the rocking chair and hug me. I love it when she is in that kind of mood. So I asked her what the lesson was about in nursery. (I actually knew what they had talked about - since I was in there for the lesson.) To my amazement she responded, "share". Which was exactly what the lesson was about. So, when she said the dinner prayer I had her ask "please help me to share." Anyway, all morning she has been bringing me toys and saying, "share with mommy". So cute. So all you nursery teachers out there - even these little 2 year olds are listening, so keep up the good work! I think I might ask every week what the lesson topic was- so we can talk about it at home.

Brooke only woke up once last night! I thought this day would never come!! It was so nice!

I believe that Brooke has gotten Acid Reflux. Bummer. Aubrey, had it, so I know what it is like. Brooke has begun getting really upset this weekend when she eats and has been clearing her throat and crying after as well. Poor thing. I did find some tips online last night that can help - since we can't take her to the dr. until tomorrow. I think the tips really helped and that is why she slept so well last night. I was hoping that we can just follow the tips and maybe wouldn't have to medicate her. But, this morning she had trouble nursing again and seemed really uncomfortable. So, I think we'll have to do the prevacid again. Hopefully though that will help her become more content. She has become more and more colicky the last few weeks - so maybe acid reflux has been the culprit. Hopefully we can get her out of pain and she'll be a much happier baby!

Saturday, May 23, 2009


This week Jeff officially became an LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)! Hurray! It has been a long process and he has worked hard. I am real proud of you Jeff for completing the requirements to become an LCSW!

Funny Aubrey

Today I was nursing Brooke and Aubrey was pushing her toy pig in the stroller. She stopped by the door where I was and stopped and pulled out her pig. Then she lifted up her shirt and put the piggy under her shirt. I wasn't thinking and asked if the piggy was in her belly like Brooke used to be in Mommy's belly. Aubrey then said, "Aubrey feeding piggy - mommy feeding Brooke." It gave me a good chuckle to see Aubrey nursing her piggy!

We went for a walk this afternoon and on the way inside we picked up the mail. Aubrey wanted to hold it, so I gave her the non essentials. I went into the kitchen to make lunch. I called for Aubrey that lunch was ready and she said, "Aubrey reading mail." She looked so cute going through each piece and inspecting it thoroughly.

I ran a few errands this afternoon and came home to Jeff vacuuming. Aubrey came running up to me saying "Vacuum" in a real concerned manner. I realized Aubrey couldn't find her vacuum. Aubrey always "helps" vacuum whenever I vacuum. So I got it for her and she was real cute helping daddy vacuum!

The other day while I was blogging the last post, Aubrey came in asking to color. So I set her up on her little table and chairs with a notebook and markers. She thought that was real fun, cause she hasn't used her table and chairs for anything other than playing kitchen. Anyway, her room is right across from the where the computer is, so I knew I could check on her. I checked on her a few times and she was just having a blast coloring. A little while later we hear Jeff coming home from work. It must have been a little while since I had checked on her. Anyway, Aubrey runs out of her room and runs to Jeff. She says, "Uh oh daddy markers." I wonder what is going on and go out to see her arms covered in markers. She must have known that was wrong and was trying to convince daddy that it happened by accident. Funny kid. Anyway, it's nice to know that she was not the least bit afraid of me catching her doing it - only daddy coming home made her nervous. What a little monkey. Anyway, I almost took a picture of her rainbow colored arms, but then thought it might encourage her to do it again. I am glad though that it was her arms and not the walls or furniture, toys or books!

Baby Brooke

Brooke went 5 hours between nursing last night! Hallelujah! I hope this trend continues. It was nice to see 3:00 on the clock instead of the usual 12:30 and then 2:30 and then 4:30 and then 6:30. I almost couldn't believe my eyes when I looked at the clock. It was so wonderful. Here's hoping that tonight will be more of the same!

Brooke has also started taking to the Bouncy chair. She has even stayed in their a few times awake and not cried. It's nice to have some more time hands free!

She is also starting to get some real good chubby cheeks! I was hoping for another set of Aubrey cheeks and she is on her way! The rest of her body is still pretty lean - but those cheeks are coming along real nice!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Picture Taking Mood

I must have been in a picture taking mood this last week - cause when I uploaded the pics from my camera - I had a ton. So, like always, here is a photo journey of what we have been up to.

We have spent a ton of time at a little park in the neighborhood with Rachel & Zoe the last few weeks. The girls have fun and we can relax on the bench, some of the time! With both Aubrey & Brooke I have combated the baby blues by spending a lot of time outdoors. It has been really effective. One of the reasons I LOVE having spring babies!

Playing peek-a-boo through the tunnel

Zoe looking super cool!

Aubrey's favorite "big" slide!

When we are not at the park, we've been in the backyard a lot.

We figured out the trick to go faster on the slide - wear socks!

I finally got a decent picture of Aubrey. Lately she won't look up at me or will make a funny face!

I gotta wear shades

The bear needs shades too

And where do you ask is Brooke during our outside adventures? She is usually all wrapped up next to mommy in the mobi wrap!

In Aubrey's room she has a bookcase. But, are the books ever actually on the bookcase? Of course not! If she sees the books put away nicely, it puts her in a reading mood. She'll sit on the floor and look at each book one by one until they are in a huge mound on the floor! I love that she loves to read - but I don't love not being able to see the floor in her room!
Lately Aubrey has decided it's more fun to read to me. Some books she can tell me word for word what it says on the pages! She likes to point to the words and say, "words say . . ." and then tell me what they say. It is really cute. I think she is going to be an early reader.

Showing daddy how she goes down the pool slide.

Right before Jeff took this picture, Brooke was sucking away on her thumb. It was super cute. We just didn't get the camera there fast enough.

Brooke is quite strong for being such a little peanut. She lifts her neck up a lot and really high. She also can push herself around with her legs. I'll have to keep up the tummy time so she can keep her muscles strong. We got her weighed yesterday and she is 8 lbs. She has almost made it to Aubrey's birth weight! I am wondering if she is going to plump up like Aubrey, or if she will stay a little thing.

On Saturday we had a picnic at the Botany pond with my fam. It was nice having a relaxing visit out in the nice weather.

After the Botany pond we went to the playground at Esther & Bryan's apt. It was such a cute playground - we might just have to visit there more often!

Racing Aunt Esther down the slide!

At the bottom of the slide is this big sun. After Aubrey would slide down she would say "Mr. Sun" as she ran and danced on top of it.

She also loved these little microphone type things. There are two and you can talk to each other through them.

Aubrey is still loving her blow dryer. After I did her hair for church, she had to do her dog bingo's hair!

On Saturday I was trying to clean the house a little. As I cleaned the house it seemed to just get messier instead of cleaner. A little elf was following behind me undoing everything I had been doing. I wonder who that could of been. Anyway, I just got more and more frustrated. I tried to get Aubrey to take some things back to her room. Well, she is 2 and is struggling with obedience. I am trying to be firm and consistent with her, but it has been a struggle since I am so tired and do not have a lot of patience right now. Anyway, as I was insisting that Aubrey do what I ask, she was just resisting. It kept getting tenser until Aubrey just burst into tears. I fell into the rocking chair feeling completely defeated and almost in tears myself. I looked up at Aubrey's chubby tear stained face and had an immediate flash of insight that I needed to pick her up and give her a hug. So I told her that I thought we both needed a hug. I picked her up and she wrapped her arms around my neck and just sank her head into my shoulder. I rocked her and sang her a song. As soon as the song was finished, she looked up at me with a big smile and said, "Aubrey happy now." That of course melted my heart and took away some of the stress I had been feeling. I am so grateful for those little moments of inspiration!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Bubble Whistle

Aubrey wanted to go on a walk this morning. I asked her if she wanted to go in the stroller and she said, "no, walk with feet." So I put Brooke in the Baby Bjorn and we set out. Aubrey wanted to bring her cute Dora Whistle that blows bubbles that she got from the Alabama Bagley clan. She was so cute stopping to blow bubbles the whole time and calling it her "bubble whistle". She would call the small bubbles "baby bubbles" and the larger ones "mommy or daddy bubbles". She has got such a cute imagination. Something about her blowing a whistle and talking to me as we walked - she just looked like such a big girl to me. It seems like yesterday that we brought her home from the hospital and now she is growing up so fast. I can't believe how the time flies.

Aubrey's pool sprung a leak last week, so we got her a new one. This one has a slide in it and Aubrey loves slides! When she saw it Tuesday morning she pointed out the slide and then said "open new pool". I told her that daddy would have to make it for her when he got home from work. Later in the afternoon, Aubrey wanted to go to the park. I needed to make a trip to the store when Jeff got home, so I told her that daddy would take her when he got home. When Jeff got home, Aubrey went to ask him to take her to the park, but saw her pool on the way. She remembered that I told her that daddy would make it for her. She said, "Daddy home work - fix zebra pool." Then I asked her if she wanted daddy to fix the pool or to take her to the park. She then said, "Daddy fix zebra pool FIRST." We both started laughing. Then we told her that daddy would fix the pool after she went to bed. The very next morning the first thing she said was, "Daddy fix zebra pool - Aubrey ni night?" That girl just has an incredible memory. Anyway, it was finally warm enough this afternoon to give the new pool a whirl. Aubrey had a blast and loved the slide! The zebra also sprays water - that part Aubrey did not love so much. She was brave enough to try going down the slide once with the water spraying - but then said, "Aubrey out now - cold". The water from the hose probably was pretty cold. We'll have to try it again when it is a really hot day.

There is something about sleeping with a baby that is just so cozy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A HAPPY Mother's Day

This year is the first year that I've had my own child able to wish me a "Happy Mother's Day". It was so sweet, so of course I had to record it and share it with the world!

And since we had the video camera out, I wanted to tape Aubrey saying her full name. She's been saying it for awhile now and it is so darling. She even refers to herself as, "Aubrey Taye Bull" (Aubrey Kaye Buell is her actual full name) all of the time. When she says it fast it sounds like "Aubrey Table." Funny girl.

My little family treated me real well this mother's day! My first gift was from my little Brooke. She gave me the best Mother's day gift that she possibly could have. She actually SLEPT quietly between feedings last night. We even got 3 hours of consecutive sleep between one feeding. That feels fabulous after a week of an hour here and a half hour there. I felt so much better in the morning and it started out my mother's day in such a great way!

Aubrey slept in her Big Girl bed last night for the first time! She did really well for her first night. We only had to work with her for an hour on staying in bed. She kept running out that first 45 min. So Jeff sat right outside her door, so as soon as she opened it, he sent her back before she could run out. After two times of this she said, "Daddy go bye bye". When he told her he wasn't going anywhere, she knew he meant business and so stayed in bed the rest of the night. At 6:45 this morning she came running in to wake us up.

After some hugs and kisses, she went and made us breakfast in bed. Now this is my family's tradition on special occasions. Aubrey must have had a genetic predisposition to this because she did it without any foreknowledge of the tradition. The food was of course, air food and plastic food on little plastic dishes, but it was the thought that counted! She made "pantakes" for me, "mac cheese" for daddy and "wa wa" for us both.

Then daddy took Aubrey out of the room and let mommy get a little more shut eye. While I was sleeping, daddy made the real breakfast for me. French Toast, bacon and hash browns - my favs! It was delicious!

Then I got Aubrey ready for church while daddy got ready. He took Aubrey to sacrament meeting and Sunday school. They came home and watched Brooke while I got to go to the special Mother's day Relief Society. In our ward the youth and men take over all of the primary callings, so that all of the women can attend RS on Mother's day. They also serve us cinnamon rolls and fruit. It is such a nice treat!

While I was at church, daddy helped Aubrey make a special Mother's day card for me and they picked some blossoms from our bush for the table. They had Aubrey's card and daddy's card and the blossoms on the table displayed for me when I came home.

Then it was nap time for me and the girls. While we were sleeping Jeff made us a divine dinner of Ham, twice baked potatoes and spinach salad - with brownies for desert. It was so good. And for my gift, I get to make a blog book! I am so excited to make one - since this has been my journal and scrapbook for the last year!

It was such a great mother's day! Thanks Jeff for working so hard to make my day so great. You are one of a kind! I LOVE you and all that you do for me!

I wanted to wish my Mother & Mother in law a Happy Mother's day as well!

Thanks mom for always being there for us kids when we need it. My mom would sacrifice anything for her kids. She is always willing to drive or fly out when anyone needs her. I can't thank you enough mom for all of the help after the birth of both of my girls and after my gall bladder surgery! You know exactly what we need and work so hard for us. I love seeing you with my girls too. I know Aubrey had so much fun spending tons of time with you last month! She still calls the guest bed pillows "Na Na's pillows". Thanks for always being a great example of sacrifice and love. I know I am a better mother because of you! I love you!

Also, thank you to my mother in law for also being such a wonderful mother and grandmother. You raised such a good and sweet boy - and I am eternally grateful to you for that. You have always been so thoughtful and kind to me. You also are such a sweet grandmother. You send Aubrey the sweetest little gifts for every occasion. You know exactly what she likes and she gets so excited to get presents from you. I love that you want to hear all of the stories about our girls. We certainly love sharing stories and it makes us feel so good when you are so excited to hear every detail. We love you and can't wait to see you in a few months!

Happy Mother's day to all of you wonderful mother's out there!

Pics from the last couple of days:

While Jeff and Aubrey were at church, I thought it would be fun to put Brooke in a dress for the first time. After all, it was Sunday and Mother's day. I wanted to get some cute pics of her - but she certainly wasn't cooperative!

This is what she thought of the experience!

"Mom just please hurry up and finish."

"Whatchoo talkin' about Willis?" (Any Different Strokes Fans out there)

This is the best one I got. Hopefully she'll get better at this - cause I am certainly not putting down my camera!

Here's Aubrey all ready for church. After Aubrey wore the cute headband last week - I had to make a headband to match her dress from Zoe this week. Rachel made the cute bow and brought extra ribbon in case I wanted to make another. Instead it became a headband. I thought it turned out so cute (if I do say so myself!)

Brooke turned 1 month yesterday. I can't believe it has been a month!

She does this cute little pucker with her lips all of the time. They are just calling us to kiss them!

I had to get a pic of Aubrey's curly locks. Her hair is growing so much and the curls are still in full force! Aren't they just adorable!

Aubrey is too cool!

Dr. Aubrey - I swear this girl is going to grow up to be a Veterinarian.