Friday, November 20, 2009

Fresh Air

With our potty training woes this week, my girls have not even seen the light of day. (well except through the window) Yesterday we were all in a pretty bad mood and I think maybe going a bit stir crazy. So I took my little ones outside for a bit today - and they were so happy. A little fresh air does a body good!

Brooke was so fascinated by the grass. She could have played with it for hours. Hmm I wonder if there is a way to bring it indoors for the winter! ;)

My lil' cuties havin' fun together!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Disney on Ice

This following story is a bit sappy - so consider yourself forewarned!

About 7 years ago Jeff and I went to Disney on Ice for Valentines. (We wanted to go to some kind of show and that was the only thing going on in Sacramento. And I have to admit that I really like Disney Princesses.) While we were there I saw all of these darling little girls dressed up as princesses. It was just so cute. I wished that I had a little princess of my own to bring to the show. As we were walking into the show on Saturday, I saw all of the princesses walking around and it brought me back to that moment 7 years earlier. I looked over at my 2 beautiful girls in their princess dresses and started getting all teary eyed and emotional as I realized that my wish from many years earlier had been granted! And not only did I have 1 princess but I had 2 of my very own.

The day we were looking forward to arrived on Saturday. Aubrey hadn't gotten into Princesses quite yet. I told her that we were going to see some Princesses in an ice show. She started calling it "Princess on Ice" and was totally into Princesses from that point on. Anytime she saw a Disney Princess she would say, "Maybe we'll see that Princess in the Princess show."

After I did Aubrey's hair on Saturday - Brooke couldn't take her eyes off of her. It was too cute. She must have thought that she looked so pretty! Daddy also was impressed with her Cinderella do. Aubrey really did look so darling - the pictures don't do her justice. She was much prettier in person.

It also was so fun pulling out Aubrey's Snow White dress from her first Halloween. I thought Brooke looked just darling in it!

Aren't my princesses just so pretty!?

Daddy & his girls waiting for the show to begin.

Aubrey with the Princess castle behind her. It was really cool, because they rotated the castle with each princess so it looked like their castle.

The show finally began. Aubrey's eyes never left the stage for even a moment. She was completely mesmerized!

Brooke had moments of being really interested and other times not so much. But, she did pretty good. We never had to leave the show.

Brooke wanted to watch the show and drink her bottle at the same time!

Mommy and her mini princess!

Here are some fun shots of the first half of the show.

Aubrey loved the Mickey, Minnie & Goofy were in the show. She's a big fan of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

During half time we asked Aubrey what her favorite part of the show was. She said, "Seeing all of the princesses." We told her there would be more princesses after the break.

I sat Brooke next to Aubrey to try and take a pic of them together. Aubrey turned to Brooke and said all excitedly, "Brookie there's going to be more princesses after the break!" I thought it was so cute that she wanted to share her excitement with her sister!

Once again, Aubrey was mesmerized by the second half of the show.

The whole second half was dedicated to Cinderella.

When Cinderella showed up to the ball in her gown - Aubrey got really excited.

This is her pointing out that she looks like Cinderella.

It was a really fun show. I am glad that I got to go with Jeff and my little princesses.

Monday, November 16, 2009

What's Going On

The main thing going on in our house for the last two weeks is Potty Training. After last week, I thought Aubrey pretty much had it down. She had only a few accidents all week. But the last 2 days she's had as many accidents as she had in the whole week before. I think I need to help her out a bit more still. But we did have a great success - she actually went potty at church twice on Sunday. I was glad to see that she could go even if we weren't on her potty.

This is Aubrey showing off her big girl underpants on her first day of potty training. After her first accident that day, I decided we would forgo pants for a few days.

Showing off her Potty Chart. It's amazing how a sticker on a chart is such great motivation for a little one.

And of course you have to have the classic sitting on the potty picture. (You know to be used as blackmail latter on in life!)

We've also had Zoe over to play a few times this past week. Zoe has a new brother, Clayson, so we've had Zoe over to give Rachel a little time to rest.

The girls have done so good playing together. They had hardly any fights and have been so cute talking with each other. They are just like little people.

As they were playing Aubrey would start making up little songs (something my dad would do and I inherited and now have passed on to Aubrey) and Zoe would start singing along too. It was so cute.

Brooke was on the ground while they were playing with Aubrey's doctor kit. They decided Brooke would make the perfect patient. It was so cute because Brooke was just eating it up. I think that she was so happy that she was being included in their play.

The next day they wanted to doctor Brooke again. Then they decided to doctor each other.

After the doctoring, I heard Aubrey say to Zoe, "Will you make me really really pretty." Then Zoe responded with, "OK, let's do it." I came in to see Zoe doing Aubrey's hair and makeup with Aubrey's beauty kit. What cute little girly girls!

Aubrey has also been very into role playing lately. One day she said, "Mommy you're Dora, Daddy you're Boots and I'm Swiper." Then she went over to some toys and said, "I'm going to take these toys, you guys have to say 'Swiper no Swiping." I thought it was so cute that she was acting it out. She also had us be Uncle Elliot, Aunt Katie and their doggy Sophie a few weeks back.

The other day Aubrey was playing in the back. She came out and said, "Mommy you have to come see my Choo Choo Train." I thought it looked so cute and was impressed that she came up with the idea and built it all on her own.

We left it up that night because she wanted to show daddy and he was working late. The next morning she said, "We have to build a track for the train." So we added some books to be the track. And then she wanted to take a picture with her camera.

Later she added on a whole lot of onlookers and told me that they were saying, "Chuga Chuga Choo Choo." Oh how I love to watch her little imagination come to life!

For a few days Aubrey was all about her baby dolls. I was really excited because up until then she wanted nothing to do with them, and only wanted to play with stuffed animals. I like dolls much better than animals and hoped she would be interested sometime. Well that only lasted a few days and now she is back into her animals. Oh well, maybe it will return sometime!

I thought she looked so cute in the above outfit for church. I wanted to document it with a picture, but she would have nothing of it!

My girls still just adore each other. Aubrey likes to get into the crib with Brooke and lay with her.

She also still loves to help feed her. She can do it on her own now. I was making dinner while she was feeding her sister in the above pic. Quite convenient I must say!

Brooke is getting to be quite a bit more active and social. She always wants to be around the action. The other day Jeff, Aubrey and I were playing with a play dough kit. Brooke was sitting on Jeff's lap. She was fussing so we kept handing her her toys to play with, but it wasn't working. I put her on my lap and leaned forward to grab one of the play dough tools. Brooke got close enough and grabbed one of her own. She was perfectly happy after that. She wanted to play with what we were playing with not just random toys! Funny kid!

She absolutely loves the tub. She's been in the bath chair for a little while now and just loves it. I think that she likes to be at Aubrey's level. She also loves to reach and grab for the toys as they come floating by. Aubrey doesn't love that she can grab at the ones she is playing with. I told Aubrey if Brooke is trying to take a toy that she is playing with then to just hand Brooke a different toy. Aubrey now does that on her own. It's really cute to see her working through the problem without getting upset.

Brookie loves to play. She loves to play with her feet and with toys. I love watching her enjoying herself!

She's also getting really good at feeding herself crackers. Before she would drop them constantly. But now she can get through a whole cracker without dropping it once.

Only a child of mine could get this messy while eating a teething biscuit!