Friday, April 24, 2009

We'll Miss you Grandma

Grandma had to go home today and we sure do miss her. Thanks Mom for all of your help! We had great meals and a clean home. You're the best!

Aubrey had fun playing with Grandma every morning while mommy got to sleep in! I am surely going to miss that!!

Thanks also for all the wee early morning shifts with Baby Brooke - so that I could get some sleep. I'll really be missing you come 4 am tomorrow morning!

Grandma found Aubrey playing with all of her animals on her big girl bed. Aubrey informed me and Grandma yesterday that she is going to start sleeping in her big girl bed when she turns 2. We'll have to see where she wants to sleep come her birthday next week!

Aubrey had seen us wrapping up Brooke in blankets the first couple days home. One morning Grandma found Aubrey with her puppy all wrapped up in the dish towel and hugging it tight. When Aubrey saw Grandma she said, "Wrap puppy."

Aubrey has a seat belt fetish. She jumped in the bassinet to do up the little seat belt.

My Girls

Me and My Girls!

After having to keep Aubrey and Brooke seperated for several days because of Aubrey's cold, Aubrey was thrilled to get to see Baby Brooke again.

I put Brooke down to take some pics and Aubrey came right over to love on her!

I loved this Eskimo kiss one! (Rubbing noses)

My girls checking each other out.

Holding hands.

Big hugs. I love Brooke's skeptical expression.

I love how these little ones have such big yawns. Aubrey thinks it is so funny too. She always points out when Brooke is yawning and then will open her mouth big too!

Sleeping babies are so sweet!

Elliot finally got to meet Brooke on Wednesday. He had been sick when she was born and then went out of town.

Wednesday morning Aubrey and Grandma were playing in the backyard. Grandma pointed out a bird in the sky. Aubrey looked up into the sun and said, "eyes hurt". So Grandma lent her her sunglasses to look at the bird. That afternoon Grandma bought Aubrey some Tigger and Pooh glasses. When Grandma gave them to her Aubrey said, "outside". I took her outside with her glasses on. She looked up into the sky and said, "Eyes don't hurt." It was so cute. She loves her new glasses.

I love how Brooke always has her hands all posed when she sleeps. This one was so cute with her hand behind her head and her elbow straight up in the air!

Big Sister

My awesome sister-in-law, Karen, sent a package for Brooke and included a big sister present for Aubrey. Aubrey was so excited to get her present!

She got a cute "I'm a Big Sister" wristband and book and marker book!

She had to start coloring right away!

Thanks Karen! We love the cute little outfits for Brooke and Aubrey loves her present!

Picnic at the Park

With the weather being so nice - we couldn't just stay in doors. On Tuesday we had to take Brooke in to be weighed, so on the way home we played at the park and had a little picnic.

Aubrey had lots of fun playing on the slides with Grandma while I took it easy on the bench and held Brooke. I am not quite sure how we will do the park without my mom though.

Aubrey had a blast with the pinecones. They had to go down the slide first and then she followed.

I tried to get some pics of Brooke, but she did not like the sun in her eyes - so they didn't turn out so cute!

First Bath

On Sunday we gave Brooke her first bath at home. Aubrey was so excited! She came running in with her stool so she could get in on the action.

Look at how tiny Brooke looks next to Jeff's hands!

Brooke liked her bath. She didn't fuss at all.

Aubrey had been off to the side and couldn't see very well, so all of a sudden she grabs her stool and forces it in between Jeff and I and says, "Aubrey right here!" Then she proceeded to grab a wash cloth and help wash Brooke.

Brooke looked so sweet all wrapped up.

I loved Aubrey in this new Spring dress & Braids - but she wasn't being cooperative when I tried to take her picture.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Ladybug Room for a Little Lady

We finished Aubrey's ladybug room. Well sort of. We didn't get to paint the white polk a dots on the top part of the wall as we had planned. But maybe after life slows down a bit we will paint those on!

My friend Amy Lindsey took these darling pictures of Aubrey in her Ladybug costume and they look just perfect on the wall!

I didn't want anything hard above Aubrey's bed so I made these quilt squares . . .

. . . and a fabric frame.

I found these white lunch pails at Roberts and painted them to match her room. They are for her hair bands and bracelets.

We finished it at night while Aubrey was sleeping. The next morning we took her in to see it. She immediately had to have all of the things she usually sleeps with and jumped in to bed.

We are not quite ready to transition Aubrey to the toddler bed. We figure having a newborn and making a transition at the same time would be really hard. So we'll wait a few months before we complete the transition. But, I am so glad that we got it done. Jeff is a superstar to work so hard even after Brooke made her surprise early appearance!

Tanner visit, Brooke and more

As luck would have it, some of the Tanner's were on their way from Canada to Utah when Brooke was being born. So Tammy, Don, Kristin & Michelle got to meet their newest family member!

When they first arrived, I had to take Brooke to a Dr. appointment and a test for jaundice. My mom said Aubrey was having a blast with her cousins the whole time. It's a shame they live so far away!

A few hours later we got the news that Brooke's billirubin had shot up pretty high. So into the lights she went. I liked this light table much better than the suitcase Aubrey was in. This one the lights came up from the bottom, so we didn't have to worry about her eyes. We could rest much easier that way!

The Tanner's brought an Easter package from Grandma & Grandpa Buell. Aubrey especially loved the sticker books! The next morning she and Grandma Bagley played with them for over and hour which kept Aubrey happy and allowed me to sleep in!! Thanks G & G Buell!

While we waited for the light table to arrive we had to try out the awesome new double stroller that my parents and siblings gave us. Aubrey loved to turn around and wave and say, "hi baby Brooke." We will be taking many walks in our new stroller. Thanks family - we LOVE it!

Things had been going so great. I wasn't as tired as I was with Aubrey and Aubrey was transitioning really well to having a new baby in the house. Then Tuesday morning arrived and Aubrey woke up with a fever and a cough. So, now we have two little ones keeping us up at night. Not to mention the fear we are all in of Brooke catching the cold. We have been careful to make sure they are not in the same room together and to wash our hands when we have been with Aubrey. I even change my shirt when I go from one daughter to the next. We are just hoping and praying that Brooke didn't catch the bug before we even knew that Aubrey was sick.

My Brooke couldn't be any sweeter!

Brooke is already very fascinated by her hands. We find her holding her hands and sucking her thumb and fingers quite frequently. It is just sooooo cute!

This week Aubrey has decided that she is too big for the high chair and must sit at the table with us!

We got the good news yesterday afternoon that we could take Brooke off of the lights. She slept much better last night in her bassinet. We just hope Aubrey's cold will clear up fast so that she can bond some more with her sister. She is so excited every time she sees Brooke. It is sad not letting her come near her. I hope we can get past this soon. The weather is supposed to be nice next week and I would love to play outside with my little sweethearts. Pray for us that they will both be well and this cold will leave our house and leave Brooke unscathed!