Friday, February 29, 2008

Aubrey Finally Crawls

The day we have been waiting for finally arrived last Sunday. Aubrey crawled for the first time!! Her first time crawling was down the hall at church with her dad. Jeff forgot to tell me about it until it was about time for bed. I couldn't believe that he forgot about it after we have been waiting for soooo long. Well at least he did remember to tell me! The following video is a few days later. She is still pretty slow and only goes as far as she needs to and then plops on her belly and reaches for whatever she was crawling too. With all that chub it must be a lot of work!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Aubrey Pulls Herself Up.

This video is the 2nd time that Aubrey pulled herself up. I love it cause everytime I watch it I find my self routing for her. "Come on Aubrey you can do it . . . You're almost there . . . yeah you did it."

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


This is Aubrey's favorite toy. We call him "Quackers". Just seeing him will make her giggle. If she sees him on the floor she will try to leap out of my arms to get a hold of him. The other night we made the mistake of leaving him on the rocker in her bedroom. She woke up and saw him and was crying with her arm reaching out of the crib trying to grab him. I just showed her a video I took of her and he was in it. She tried to get him off of the computer. She is such a funny girl!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Funny Aubrey Story

This is my favorite recent Aubrey story. So, before church we had been playing with toys on our bed. I stuck a pacifier in her mechanical kitty's mouth and put it on the bedside table before church and had forgotten all about it. After church I was nursing Aubrey on the bed when all of a sudden she started giggling. Her giggling kept getting louder and louder. Jeff and I just looked at each other like what is so funny. We followed her field of vision and saw that she had spotted her Kitty. So, then Jeff and I started laughing - which made her laugh even harder. We were all on the bed cracking up over a little toy kitty with a pacifier in it's mouth! It's amazing that these babies even understand that it is not normal and therefore funny. So, now we spend a lot of time giving her toys water bottles and putting things from one toy on another toy and toys on our heads. She finds all of this quite hilarious!