Friday, November 28, 2008

Birthday, Thanksgiving & More

When Jeff came home from work on Wednesday he said that he wanted to put out Christmas decorations that night so that we could just enjoy the weekend. So, while I was fixing dinner, Aubrey & Jeff put together the tree. Aubrey was quite fascinated with the idea of a tree being in the house.

Then we had Jeff's birthday dinner. We had it a day early cause we were obviously going to have Thanksgiving dinner on his birthday. Jeff is not a big fan of cake - so I made him one of his seasonal favorites instead - a pumpkin roll.

Then, after Aubrey went to bed we put out the rest of the decorations. (Except decorating the tree - since we want to do that with Aubrey today!)

When we awoke Thursday morning we took Aubrey out to see all of the decorations. You would have thought it was Christmas morning by how excited Aubrey was by everything. She just kept wandering around the family room, kitchen & front room pointing everything out and asking to be lifted up so she could get a closer look. After that Jeff opened up his birthday presents. Then I made him his birthday breakfast and we ate.

Then we hurried to get ready and went to the movies. Jeff thought it would be fun to go to the movies on his birthday - but we were worried about how Aubrey would do. We thought we'd have the best luck if it was animated. So we went and saw Bolt. We knew it would be a hit with her since she loves dogs! She did great for the first hour. She was mesmerized by the movie. She reclined in my lap and had a lap full of snacks that she was eating while her eyes were glued to the screen. At the end we had to wander around in the back of the theater a bit and we took turns wandering in the hall with her. I think we both just missed about 10 min. of the movie.

We then went home for naps. When we woke up we were off to Cindy & John's for thanksgiving dinner. It was a great meal and great company! We spent the afternoon/evening with my siblings Cindy, John, & JJ, Esther & Bryan & Elliot & Katie. All and all it was a really fun day!

On Tuesday Aubrey & I went to Chuck E. Cheese for lunch with Rachel & Zoe. The girls had a blast!

Enjoying their first ride.

This was Aubrey's favorite game. It was small enough so she could reach the wheel and see the screen. She loved moving the bear around and seeing nuts bonk him on the head. Every time a nut would hit him she would pat her own head.

This was also a favorite of Zoe & Aubrey. Sort of like Wack O Mole - but without the big hammer.

They were completely enthralled by the show!

They loved the car ride. It takes a picture of the kids as they ride. They rode it so many times that they had a stack of pictures. If you look close you can see them looking at them and passing them back and forth to each other. They looked like little people!

Putting all of her animals to sleep on the pillow shhh!

She had to knock some off to make room for herself.

Aubrey just went pee pee on the potty for the first time! I know she is only 18 months and really young to be potty training. I actually had no intention of even trying until after the new baby was born. Aubrey, had a different idea. This week she has been wanting to sit on the potty when she sees us. So, I haven't wanted to discourage her, so I've been holding her on it for a few minutes. That's really fun on the back - so today I bought her a little potty. After she woke from her nap I put her on the potty to try it out. After a few moments she went potty. I was totally shocked! Anyway, I don't plan on doing any sort of aggressive potty training. Just whenever she wants to. Hurray for Aubrey!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Birthday Jeff

We are not only celebrating Thanksgiving today, but also Jeff's birthday! Every 7 years it ends up on the same day!

Happy Birthday Jeff and Daddy! We love you!!!!

Aubrey has a song for you.

I got the husband tag twice but thought it would be fun to wait to post it until Jeff's birthday. So this is for you Jeff! I tag anyone who would like to do an ode to their husband!

Where did you meet? We were in the same student apartment and ward at BYU. We knew of each other, but had never met. My brother Elliot moved in Winter semester and was called to be his hometeacher. After his first appointment with him, Elliot came to my apartment and told me that he met the coolest guy and I just had to meet him. So, he introduced us in Sunday School the next sunday and the rest is history!

How long did you date before you were married? About 6 months (typical BYU relationship!)

How long have you been married? 9 years

What is your favorite feature of his? His beautiful baby blue eyes!

What is your favorite quality of his? He is so handy - he keeps our house kept up and the yard always looks beautiful. He is also so kind to others - he never wants anyones feelings to be hurt.

Does he have a nickname for you? Badda - don't ask me what it means - it kind of morphed from a million different words. Yes, wierd I know - but we both call each other that.

What is his favorite color? Blue

What is his favorite food? He's a meat and potatoes kind of guy. He also really loves my mom's curry chicken and makes it quite frequently.

What is his favorite sport? Not a big sports fan, but we do enjoy playing raquetball together.

Does he have a hidden talent? He's pretty much good at anything he tries. He makes really cool Halloween props as I have posted before. He is really good at cleaning the floors! (my favorite hidden talent!) He knows how to keep our cars running good and if he's stumped he just calls his dad or brother in law and can follow their phone directions to fix them up. He is really fun daddy and knows how to make Aubrey giggle. He is really good at chatting. He likes to hear all the girly gossip! He also makes really good chinese food!

When and where was your first kiss? It was after our 3rd date. We were cooking in the kitchen and he kissed me there.

Do you have any children? 1 and 1 on the way.

What is your favorite thing to do as a couple? We just like hanging out together. He is my favorite person to spend time with. We also have a lot of fun on vacation when we have a lot of down time to spend together.

How old is he? 35 today!

What is his favorite type of music? 80's music

What do you admire most about him? He has such a strong desire to do what is right and to please Heavenly Father. He is always repenting for the most minor of sins because he never wants to do anything that would displease Heavenly Father. He cares for Aubrey and I so much and always wants to make sure that we are happy. He is kind and loving and fun and responsible and handy and spiritual and the best husband and daddy we could ask for!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

I can Dress Myself

The other morning while I was taking a bath, Aubrey shut herself in her room. She is not quite tall enough to open the door herself yet. So, she ended up stuck in their until I was done. She has done it a few times before and usually occupies herself by emptying the entire contents of her dresser onto the floor. So, when I finished and went to check on her I fully expected to see a pile of clothing. Instead I only saw a few items of clothing on the floor and Aubrey sitting on the floor with a pair of her jeans with one of the legs pulled all the way up her leg. She looked up at me and said, "bye bye". The Aubrey interpretations means "Mom, I want to go Bye Bye, so I am putting my clothes on so we can go somewhere." It was so cute. So, after snapping a picture of course, I headed back to my room to continue getting ready. A few moments later, Aubrey comes running in with the shirt that matched the jeans on her head. She was real excited and wanted me to take a picture of that too!

I finished crocheting my first hat today! Rachel was nice enough to teach me how to do it. I think it turned out pretty cute! Aubrey was not being real cooperative during the photo taking though!

After church today, Aubrey ran into her room and shut the door. Jeff and I were preparing some lunch so we just let her be. When I went to go get her for lunch she looked so cute sitting with her doggy (who is still sick by the way - and we have to nurse him back to health everyday!) and reading her stories.

Aubrey's dog is about the same size as she is, and she just loves carrying him around the house. I think she looks so cute lugging her huge dog around.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Doctor Aubrey

Lately Aubrey has been laying her bears on the floor, putting a blanket on them and signing "sick". So, last night after dinner Jeff decided to get in on the fun. He took her big dog and some medical equipment and helped Aubrey's sick dog. First they put on a pair of Aubrey's pj's on him and then they took his temperature and gave him medicine and used the nasal aspirator. It was so cute. Aubrey was at that for at least an hour. Then first thing this morning when I got her out of her crib she signed sick. She wanted to go back to taking care of her sick dog. So cute! You can see Aubrey taking her doggy's temperature with the ear thermometer below.

This little video is a fun game that we play with Aubrey.

We got a package a few days ago from Jeff's parents. It included a birthday gift for Jeff, our Christmas gifts, and some early Christmas gifts for Aubrey. She had fun with all of her new things. Below are a couple of pics.

Enjoying her Santa Bear sucker.

These are really cool gel stickers that stick on and off really easily. Aubrey enjoyed sticking them on one door and then taking them off and sticking them on another.

Aubrey is really cute at doing hand motions to songs. Wheels on the Bus has been one of her favorites since she was a baby. If she was ever crying in the car we would just have to sing Wheels on the Bus and she would calm right down. Here she is doing the hand motions.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

My New Hat

My friend Rachel made this adorable hat for Aubrey! I love it. She is going to teach me how to make one - because I must have more of them! I wasn't sure if Aubrey would keep it on, because when we tried it on her she pulled it right off. Tonight as we were getting ready to go I put it on her and took her to the mirror to show her how pretty she looked. She liked it too and kept it on real good! Thanks Rachel for the darling hat.

I got Aubrey this doggy backpack/leash so I can keep hold of her when she is walking around. She just adores it. She hugged it the entire time at the store and most of the day afterward. When Jeff got home from work he tried it on her. She then took a hold of the leash and started running up and down the hallway. I was worried that she would never surrender the leash and it would loose it's effectiveness. But, when we are out and about she lets me have it. A few days ago she was trying to get it on her back by herself. She couldn't quite do it. She did manage to put the leash around the back of her neck and then hold the handle. She started running all around the house with the dog dragging behind her saying. "a walk a walk". She of course was walking the dog. I think she did that for like a half hour. Funny kid!

Last Saturday Jeff was working on the lawn. When Aubrey woke from her nap she wanted to see what daddy was doing. She was so interested in the rake she ran right out there. Right after I took this picture the camera battery died - bummer, because she grabbed onto the rake and was raking with daddy. It was real cute. By the time I got new batteries they were done.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Mysterious Remote

Yesterday Aubrey took the TV remote from our bedroom and took it into the living room. I didn't notice it until I had put her down for a nap and then sat down to have some lunch. Since, I had just sat down I didn't want to have to get up and put it back, so planned on doing it later. Well, of course I forgot about it. Later in the afternoon I remembered about the remote and went back to retrieve it, but it was gone. I figured it was somewhere in the house and I'd run into it during the course of the day. Well, as we were getting ready for bed, Jeff went to turn on the TV in the back and noticed it was gone. I told him where I saw it last and he went on a search for it. He searched and searched and searched, but it was no where to be found. This morning Aubrey and I searched for it for a bit but then had to head out for her doctor's appointment. When we returned we continued our search, but came up with nothing. I put her down for her nap, had a bite to eat, and then laid on the couch for a little nap myself. While I was napping Jeff came home for lunch. He immediately said, "Hey where did you find the remote?" I looked down and told him that it was the other remote on the couch next to me. He then pointed to the floor, out in full view, the remote was just sitting there! That couldn't be possible - but there it was, just laying there where anybody could see it. Now you would think I would be excited and relieved. Instead I was confused and felt an emptiness inside for these reasons:

1. We had both wondered where that elusive hiding spot Aubrey hid the remote was. We were looking forward to finding the hiding place.

2. I was excited for the moment when one of us would find it and get to yell out to the other, "I found it!" and then proceed to tell where it was and how we could have missed it during all of our searching.

3. How could it possibly show up in the middle of the floor while both Aubrey and I where napping? Right before I put her down, we were looking for the remote and she was near me the whole time. Surely, I would have noticed her carrying it around or it falling out of it's hiding spot!

Well, at least it is found - but the questions will just loom in my head forever more (or at least for the next few days until we forget all about it).

Here is what we have been up to this week!

Before Aubrey was born we were told by many parents that babies sleep for 12 hours at night and take a 3 hour nap. Aubrey, was not given that memo! She goes to bed at 7:30, but almost always wakes at 6. (For those of you who know how much of a morning person I am not, will surely feel very sorry for me.) And nap time has finally increased to 2 hours, but it took a long time to even get that long. Well, one morning last week, Aubrey actually slept in until 7:30! It was the best morning of my life! (or at least the last 18 months!) I was hoping the trend would continue - but alas we are back to 6 am. Anyway, usually when she wakes we just get her a bottle and lay her in between us to drink it so we can try to get a little more shut eye - or at least rest some. Well, since she woke at a reasonable hour, we were both out of bed. So, instead of laying between us, she wandered around the house drinking her bottle. It was sooo cute that I just had to take a picture!

On Monday, Aubrey and I made puppets. They had some really cute kits at Walmart that were pull and stick. Perfect amount of difficulty for my little bug. She really enjoyed making her puppy & kitty puppets and then wearing them around during the day.

Isn't my puppy puppet sooo cute!

Look, one on each hand!

We babysat Zoe one day last week. When I got her a snack, she ran to the table and climbed onto the chair. So, of course Aubrey had to sit at a chair as well. The other day I got Aubrey a cookie to eat and she went right to the chair to sit at it. I thought she looked so cute sitting on a big person chair!

I love this little outfit I got for her, especially the sweater.

Reading her new book to her new stuffed Jack'O'Lantern from Grandma & Grandpa Buell

Lately Aubrey thinks it is so funny to take the kitchen towel off of the oven door, put it on her head and walk around the house. She has only ran into the wall once!

The computer is definitely Aubrey's favorite toy (too bad it's not a toy!) We try and keep the door to the office closed when we are not in there. But, sometimes we forget. If it gets too quiet in the house, I know exactly where that little monkey is. She climbs onto the chair, pulls out the keyboard and starts typing away. She is obsessed with videos of Jeff's Halloween monsters and so that is what she is trying to find when she gets on the computer. As soon as we get back there, she'll make her monster sounds so that one of us will put the video on for her. What a character!

Nursery Success! Last Sunday, Aubrey stayed in nursery the whole time without Jeff in there with her. Because of the time change, she did get tired at the end and her teachers said she pouted and teared up for a few minutes and then sat on her teacher's lap and fell asleep. That was only for the last few minutes of class though. The rest of the time she did perfectly fine. I am honestly so shocked by how well she is doing. Anyone who knows how clingy Aubrey has been with me will understand my complete bewilderment. She does have great teachers - so I am sure that has helped. Also, Jeff subbing in there for a few months and Aubrey getting to go with him must have done the trick. Knock on wood that she continues to enjoy nursery!