Sunday, October 10, 2010

Aubrey's First Dance Recital

Aubrey had her first dance performance today - and it was pretty much a dream come true for me. I have always loved watching children perform. When I was in high school my two little sisters were in a stake talent show singing and dancing and I was in the back just crying while watching them. I also frequently cry during the Sacrament Primary Program. I have always been extremely sensitive to children being cute! So, FINALLY having my own little one performing was something special for me.

What a darling ballerina!

Because it was at a retirement home and it was in a small room, each child could only bring one parent. Aubrey was very disappointed that Daddy & Brooke couldn't come too. I kept reminding her that she has two other shows and they'll get to see her.

These two cuties were real excited for their first show.

Awww, so sweet!

Waiting with all the other little cuties for the show to begin.

The three cute ballerinas in our ward.

Dress rehearsal.

And finally, the Performance. (I was sad cause I cut it off right before Aubrey bowed :( )

Two happy little performers.

They are just the cutest little friends.

The morning before the show, I put Aubrey's music on to practice. I was impressed because she knew the order of the whole dance without me reminding her. (The timing wasn't always on - but hey she is only 3!) Brookie of course wanted to join in and wanted her tutu on too!


karen said...

Oh that is so fun. I wish Katie was there to join the fun. But that is adorable.

Summer Carlile said...

So cute! I love those pink costumes. Brooke is walking so well now. I remember that rhode show, Esther and I danced to the Annie song I think.