Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Back in June, when we were in Canada, Aubrey learned to fold her arms for prayers. The funny thing is, we can't take any credit for teaching her. Grandma Buell, Aubrey and I were playing with the Beanie Baby collection. Grandma pulled out a bear that was praying and called it "Prayer Bear". Out of the blue, Aubrey folded her arms, as we looked on in amazement. You might think that she was just copying what the bear was doing, but the bear wasn't folding it's arms, but had it's hands together instead.

She must have watched us fold our arms during prayers and made the connection on her own. We hadn't thought that she was ready to learn to fold her arms, but apparently we had underestimated her potential!

So, we started to encourage her to fold her arms at prayer time. After only a few times, she no longer needed encouragement. Instead, now, she usually reminds us that we need to pray. Meals usually go something like this: We put Aubrey in her highchair and immediately she folds her arms. Then when we put food on her tray, she folds them again. Anytime we put more food on her tray, make eye contact, or at any random time during the meal she folds her arms again. She must be really grateful for her food! It's great how she knows that food and prayer go hand in hand. Now, we have been working on prayers in the morning and at night. She has not caught on to those as quickly and is still pretty wiggly. But, someday, I am sure she will!

It makes me wonder how many other things we have thought she isn't ready for and she'll just have to go ahead and teach herself if we don't soon. All you mommies out there in blog land, what kinds of things do you usually teach your 1 year olds? This way we can check to make sure we haven't missed teaching something important!

Friday, July 25, 2008

I think I can, I think I can . . . I did

After months of trying and practicing, yesterday, Aubrey finally successfully ate with a fork. She saw daddy eating his pizza with a fork, and would not be content until she had one of her own. So, she tried and tried and then finally we heard a gasp, and looked over to see Aubrey proudly displaying her piece of pizza on the fork. So, we applauded exuberantly and then told her to put it in her mouth. She then turned the fork right around and put it in her mouth. She was able to get several more pieces. Sometimes, after she got one on her fork, she celebrated so much that it fell off before she got it into her mouth. Funny girl. Anyway, it was real cute to see her so excited to be learning a new skill!

We had a pretty relaxing Pioneer day. In the morning Jeff took Aubrey outside to help weed the garden and I slept in! Jeff said she was real cute, picking dirt and rocks and then helping him put weeds in a bucket. After nap time we went to BYU's botany pond. It felt really nice in the shade and Aubrey was thrilled to have ducks all around her. While there Aubrey did the most walking she has done yet. She took about 20 steps in pursuit of a duck. I guess we just gotta get some ducks at home, and then she'll be walking in no time! Then we stopped at a park, so Aubrey could go down the slides, but it was too hot, so we didn't stay long. Then into the little pool Aubrey went. Anyway, it was nice to have Jeff home and spend a relaxing day together.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Melting Mommy's Heart

My sweet little Aubrey put together her first sentence using signs on Monday. She doesn't use the real sign for ma ma, but instead taps me with her pointer finger. So, anyway, I was sitting on the floor talking on the phone, when Aubrey crawls over to me and plops on my lap. She then signed "more" then taps me with her little pointer finger, and then signed, "please". She was saying "More mommy please!" How cute is that. So, of course I had to get off the phone and give her more of me.

Also, I have been singing Aubrey lullabies at night time and at nap time since she was born. The last few weeks, whenever I finish a song, she signs, "more". It's nice to know after all that singing, that I have an appreciative audience!

I love that Aubrey can sign to us. It is so fun, cute & effective. She can pretty much let us know what she wants without having to fuss or throw a fit. Anyone who is thinking of teaching their little one signs, definitely do it! It is soooo worth it. And it's a crowd pleaser too! Everyone is amazed to see a 1 year old communicating through sign language. We started showing her a few signs at 4 or 5 months. She didn't start doing it back until 11 months. But it was sure worth the wait. Now, she can pick up new signs really fast. As long as the sign is not too complicated and is something she is interested in, we only have to show her once and then she has it. Some of her signs are a little simplified, but they still work great! Plus, you don't have to buy anything to teach your baby sign language. You can look up any sign you want on the Internet! The person who thought of teaching babies sign language is a genius!

One more story, well at least for this post! So, I have been sick this last week. I was especially feeling yucky on Sunday. So, after church, Jeff took Aubrey out to the garden to pick me a flower. It was so cute, especially since she doesn't hand things over readily. So, on Monday after dinner, Jeff took Aubrey outside. She had been begging to go outside all through dinner. I watched as they walked over to the garden and Aubrey pointed at the flowers. So, Jeff picked one and handed it to her. Then immediately she pointed toward the house. They came in and she handed it to me with a huge smile on her face. It was so sweet. She remembered how happy it made me last time so she wanted to give me another flower! I just love that little girl!

Pictures from this last week!

On the way home from the park yesterday, we saw the most beautiful blue dragonfly. I have never seen one this color before. I didn't get that great of a picture of it, since it was flitting around like crazy and it was so bright outside I couldn't see anything through my viewer. But, at least you can see the color. I think Dragonfly's are one of the most beautiful creatures, and this one topped all others I have seen.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Happy 9th Anniversary

Happy Anniversary Jeff! You have been my bestfriend these past nine years. Through the good and the bad, you have always been by my side. You are the sweetest and most thoughtful man I know. You are a wonderful daddy. Aubrey's eyes light up whenever you walk into the room. Thanks for the last wonderful 9 years and many more years to come! I love you!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Buell Look-alike Meter

Finally someone thinks I look as much like Aubrey as her daddy does! Hurray! (Although I think we picked a picture of me that looks a lot like Aubrey! A different one may not have lended the same results!)

MyHeritage: Look-alike Meter - Geneology - Dynasty

Friday, July 18, 2008

Fun at Grandma & Grandpa's House

Aubrey and I had a great trip to California to visit my parents. We had planned to go just for a week, while Jeff was in DC, but ended up making it 2 weeks so we could attend Grandpa's funeral. I am so glad we did. Having 2 weeks there actually allowed Aubrey to warm up to Grandma & Grandpa. It was so nice getting to see her play with them. Grandma even took Aubrey several mornings so that I could sleep in! It was fabulous. Grandpa took her for walks too, so I could take a shower and get ready. We learned that Aubrey needs 1 week to warm up and then she'll be your friend! Thanks Mom & Dad for the fabulous vacation!

Here are lots of pictures from our visit.

I love the above picture of Aubrey and her Grandma. It has a cute story behind it too. Grandma & Aubrey had been happily reading stories together for about an hour. I came in and they looked so cute, so of course I had to take a picture! After I took one, Aubrey did her sign for "more". So I said, "Aubrey do you want another picture? OK, smile for the camera." Right on cue she gave me that big beautiful smile (see picture above). Then she signed "more" again. So once again I told her to smile, and I got that great shot of her below. What a little model! (You'd think she's had lots of pictures taken of her or something!)