Saturday, September 27, 2008

Enjoying the Beautiful Fall Weather

The weather has been so nice the last couple of weeks, we've spent much of our time outdoors. Of course, I had to get sick this week and that has limited our outdoor time. No fun! But I felt decent this evening so we did some of our favorite things in the neighborhood.

First we went to the small park. Aubrey loves the slides. She no longer likes the small toddler slides (you know the ones designed for her age!). She always wants to go down the biggest slide at whatever park we are at. She is becoming such a good climber she can climb up to the large slide all be herself. You can see her in action in the video below.

Everyday we go bunny hunting for our neighborhood wild bunnies. They are probably a nuisance to the neighbors whose lawn and flowers they eat - but to us they are quite entertaining! Aubrey always goes chasing after them. She hasn't caught one yet. Better luck next time Aubrey.

Of course, going outside in the backyard is still a big hit with Aubrey. Mommy was too sick to do much of anything yesterday, but we did go out in the yard and do bubbles. Aubrey took the bubble maker from me and figured out how to push the button herself. She was real excited that she could make the bubbles on her own.

We started Mommy & Me swim classes this week with Rachel & Zoe. The girls are so cute together. They hold hands walking into the rec. center. They share snacks on the car ride there and back. Zoe is about 7 months older than Aubrey and Aubrey is her little copy cat. Whatever Zoe does, Aubrey has to try and do it too. It is so funny. Swim classes have been fun. Aubrey hasn't quite gotten the blowing bubbles down. She licks the water instead! But, she is an excellent back floater (with mommy holding on of course!). After the first swim class, we wrapped up the girls and sat them on the bench while we got our own towels. They looked so cute, I wished I had my camera. I only had my cell phone, so the quality is pretty poor.

The other night, Jeff and I were getting dinner ready. Jeff was mixing the potatoes and I was stiring the gravy. Aubrey started fussing cause she wanted to get in on the action. Then all of a sudden, she got into a drawer, found a measuring cup and a meat thermometer and started stirring away. It was so cute, she found a way on her own to do what we were doing.

Aubrey has been really getting into the pretend play lately. She carries her stuffed animals all around the house. When she finds a chair or a ledge, she will sit them in it, and then feed them crackers and give them a drink from her sippy cup. She also likes to give them naps. She will lay them down and then hold her finger to her lips and say "shhhh". It is so darling. She also gives them big hugs and kisses. She is such a girly girl. I love it! She also has a little car that she puts an animal or two on, and then pushes them all around the house.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Farm Country

Yesterday Aubrey & I went to Farm Country with our new friends Rachel & Zoey. It was such a cute little place. Perfect for our girls. It was also the perfect weather. The animals are so friendly they come right up to the gate when you walk over. We even got to pet the head of a peacock. It was sticking it's head out of the gate for us to pet it. Really cool.

First we saw the sheep & goats. The girls would put their hands on the fence and they would come right up and lick their hands. Aubrey would squeal with delight when they would lick her. I told her they were giving her kisses.

The girls also got a pony ride. They loved it!

Then we got a ride on a horse drawn wagon. I didn't know if Aubrey would be too interested, but she loved it. Whenever it would get bumpy she would bounce up and down.

We also got to feed some horses and llamas. They are so tame that even the girls could hold up the feed and they would eat it right out of their hands. You can see on Aubrey's face how excited she was!

Zoey giving Rachel a big squeeze - too cute!

Trying to get a pic of both girls by the cow proved to be a difficult task!

What a fun morning! We'll have to go again sometime.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Day after the Wedding

Last Saturday we had a busy day with family. In the morning we went to Elliot & Katie's for breakfast with the Bagley's. Then we came home for a nap. Jeff's Sister Tammy & Don were visiting from Canada - so we spent the afternoon with them. And then back to Elliot & Katie's for dinner and saying goodbye to Grandma, Grandpa, Dane, Kaylyn & Katie. It was a fun day.

All 3 Babies

Breakfast with Katie

Kisses for Grandma

Katie has a shoe fetish. She was constantly putting on heels. I was really impressed that she could actually walk in them - even when there were 2 different kinds!

Hugs for Grandpa

I wanted to play a game of ping pong with Kaylyn - so I handed Aubrey off to Grandma. When it was time to take Aubrey home for a nap - I went looking for them. They were no where to be found - so I figured they must be outside. I looked down the street - and there they were walking down the street in their pj's - it was so cute! Katie was walking with them too - but she had gone on ahead. Grandma told me that Aubrey kept trying to keep up with Katie - but just wasn't fast enough!

Two cuties in the tub

Katie & Grandma snuggling

I found a critter in our garden!

While my parents were here they gave us early Halloween presents. We were gonna wait a bit 'til it was closer to Halloween to open them. Aubrey's present was on the floor in her bedroom and she hadn't even noticed it. On Friday, we were in the room - and she finally noticed it. She pulled out the tissue paper and gasped. She had discovered the cute purple fairy. She brought it to me as quick as she could to have me take it out of the box. She gave it big kisses and hugs. Then I took out the little brush that came with it and told her to brush the fairies hair. She was occupied with this task for like a half hour! She is so cute with new things. Thanks grandma for the 30 min. of peace for me - so I could make dinner!

Aubrey's first time bowling. She was really excited to see all of the balls at the alley. She didn't understand though why they were too heavy to pick up! But she did enjoy rolling it down the lane. She didn't knock any pins down though - better luck next time Aubrey!

Esther & Bryan were good sports and sacrificed some of their score for Aubrey's entertainment!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Summer & Steve's Wedding

Summer & Steve Carlile were married on Sept. 6th in the Salt Lake Temple. The last Bagley kid to get married! It was a beautiful fall day. The bride looked gorgeous and the groom looked handsome. I hope it was the day of their dreams.

I had a hard time narrowing down pictures, as usual, so here are a ton - it'll make you feel like you had been there! (in case you weren't)

Summer getting ready for her big day! She started bright and early at 6 am.

Summer's cute former roommates, Ashley & Alex, who watched Aubrey & JJ for us during the sealing. Aubrey didn't do quite as bad as expected. She fussed for MaMa for about 10 min. and then got interested in the movie playing. Of course, when we came and got her she cried & cried. She wanted to let us know how mad she was at us for leaving her!

The flower girl checking out the flowers!

We are a happy family!

Sissies. Katie calls Kaylyn her sissy - it is so cute!

The cutest little cousins ever! (I'm not biased or anything)

My big brother Dane who got to come with his 2 girls from Alabama!

Doesn't Katie look smokin' hot in this picture?! (The gal in the black in the middle)

Hugs for Kaylyn!

The new bride & groom emerge from the temple!

We were attempting to get a picture with Summer and her 3 flower girls. As you can see, they were not cooperating!

Kisses for Katelyn.

The Beautiful, Blushing Bride!

The sisters

Three men and a little lady!

I was trying to get a cute pic of Aubrey and her pretty dress. Of course, she only wanted to pout!

Once more attempting to get a pic of all of the flower girls. Don't you love how no one is looking at the camera!

Grandma Wilkerson (my mom's mom) with Dane & Katie.

The daddy daughter dance

By far Aubrey's favorite part of the day. Summer asked the flower girls to pass out bubbles to be blown at them as they leave. Aubrey loved taking bubbles out of the basket and handing them to people. She even handed one to Summer on their way out! We had to pry the basket out of her hands when it was time to go!

And they are off for their Honeymoon! Congratulations Summer & Steve!