Friday, April 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Aubrey

My Aubrey is 3 years old today. My how time flies. We fell in love with Aubrey from the moment we found out I was pregnant. She was born full of life and cute as a button. With her in our home, there is never a dull moment! She makes us laugh and smile more than anyone. She's bright, creative, hilarious, energetic, talkative, playful, imaginative, excitable, sweet and the joy of our lives. We couldn't imagine life without our Aubrey girl! Happy Birthday Aubrey Dear.

Thursday, April 22, 2010


My friend Rachel made these beautiful tutu type skirts for both of my girls for their birthdays. They wore them on Sunday and just looked so cute! Of course I had to take some pictures after church!

Trying to get a picture of these girls together is just impossible. Aubrey wants to hug Brooke, so then Brooke screams. Brooke can't stop moving and Aubrey won't look at the camera. So this is the best I could do together.

And when you wear a skirt like that, you have to do a Ballerina dance. Aubrey wanted me to take a picture of her dancing and singing.

We left out her match game and she was thrilled to get to play on her own on Sunday.

Thanks Rachel! The skirts couldn't be more beautiful!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Aubrey's Minnie Mouse Birthday Party

The day that Aubrey's been waiting for finally arrived on Saturday - her Birthday Party! Her birthday is still 2 weeks away, but we won't be here, so we celebrated with her friends a little early.

She was sooooo excited when I told her that it was her party day.

Grandma made her Minnie Mouse pancakes for breakfast to start the festivities.

Grandma, Aunt Esther, Uncle Bryan and I had put out most of the decorations the night before. When Aubrey saw them in the morning she was just thrilled! Brooke loved them too.

These are the decorations I am most proud of. I drew, cut out and painted a stand up Minnie & Mickey. I was excited with how they turned out.

Aubrey wasn't supposed to see them until the day or her party, but she found Mickey a few days early. She LOVED him!

Here are some of the decorations.

Esther and Bryan did most of the streamer hanging.

The birthday banner.

The handmade pinata.

The invitation.

Inside of the invitation.

The purses and mouse ears I made for all of the girls at the party.


My two cutie Minnie mouses with the cut outs.

My Minnie with her Minnie cut out.

Brookie bug being cute.

All day Aubrey listened for the doorbell in hopes that her friends were arriving and we could start the party.

When the girls arrived they got their purse and mouse ears and I painted their noses black.

Then they colored Minnie pictures while they waited for the rest to arrive.

All of the adorable Minnie Mouse's (except for 1 who was camera shy.)

Here's our camera shy Macie Mouse.

I thought it would be fun to pretend they were on an episode of Mickey Mouse clubhouse. I told them that they were invited to the clubhouse to help throw a party for Aubrey. I told them that they might need some Mouse-ka-tools. I then asked who they should call if they needed a Mouse-ka-tool.

Here they are yelling, "Oh Toodles."

They helped decorate for the party by hanging their Minnie pictures that they colored. But first they had to call for Toodles to bring them some tape.

Then the Mystery Mouse-ka-tool gave them the clue to go to the garage to play some games.

First we played "Pin the Bow on Minnie."

Then we played "Minnie Says" (Simon says). In this pic they were shaking their hips.

Then we played the "Minnie Mouse Match Game". (They did the Hot dog dance and then when the music stopped one girl rolled the big dice and whatever picture it landed on they were to find a matching one to stand on.) Doing the Hot dog dance was Aubrey's favorite part she tells me.

And last but not least was the pinata.

Some of these girls can hit really hard. I see some softball players in the future!

Apparently I made it a little too strong, so daddy had to get out a hammer to break it!

The girls loved getting their prizes.

Aubrey found a less crowded spot to get some prizes.

Taking a break to give Grandma some love.

Then we went back inside to make Minnie cupcakes.

Aubrey with her Minnie cupcake.

Before we could sing "Happy Birthday" we had to call for Toodles to get some candles.

Blowing out her candles.

Really enjoying her cupcake.

Brecken had to make sure that Brookie got a treat too!

Then we went to the Front Room to open presents - but they were gone. Oh no, Pete must have come and hid all of the presents! The girls went on a hunt to find all of the presents for Aubrey to open.

Aubrey got some really great presents that she just LOVES!

After the girls went home we got ready for the Family dinner party.

Here Aubrey is with her cake. I was pretty happy with how it turned out.

Aubrey insisted on eating at her little table.

After dinner she got another round of "Happy Birthday" and blew out another candle.

Then she got to help daddy cut the cake.

While she waited for her cake and ice cream, she ate off the "Happy Birthday". I love how her lips turned black.

Cutie Brookie with her red face!

Then more presents - the lucky girl!

Brooke getting a closer look at Aubrey's toys.

Thank you kisses for Grandma.

Brooke enjoyed the wrapping paper remnants on the floor.

Aubrey LOVED her My Little Pony Amusement park from Grandma Bagley.

And she equally LOVED her Mud Pie kitchen set from her Aunts & Uncles!

Aubrey had a great day! I was so happy with how it all turned out and how much fun my little Aubrey had! Thanks to my Mom and sibs & hubby for helping me with the party! I couldn't have done it without you!