Monday, May 31, 2010

Fruit Carving

My friend Rachel has Crohn's disease and so has to follow a gluten free diet. On her birthday I had her give me a gluten free cake recipe so that I could make her cake for her. The recipe called for sliced strawberries on the top. I thought it would be fun to pretty the strawberries up a bit. I had seen photos of fruit carving, and thought it would be fun to try my hand at it. I found a little video tutorial of carving strawberry rosebuds and decided to try it. It turns out that they are very easy to do!

I totally want to try out more fruit carvings. It was fun to turn an ordinary strawberry into a rose. I wonder how easy some of the other carvings are. Has anyone else tried fruit carving? What are some other fun things to do?


Anonymous said...

Looks delish!

BIll @ Fruit Carving said...

I wish I had been there strawberry's one of my favorite fruit's, it looks very good for a first attempt

meghan said...

That's really is another type of fruit carving to try...good luck!