Friday, May 1, 2009

Aubrey's 2nd Birthday

Aubrey was the happiest little birthday girl yesterday! When she woke up we came in and sang to her "Happy Birthday". She was all smiles. When we finished she responded with "Pooh Party!" We have been talking about her Winnie the Pooh party that she was going to have on her birthday for over a month now. This whole month and a half, whenever she heard the word birthday she would either say, "Pooh Party" or "Pooh Cake". So, when we sang to her Happy Birthday - she knew that it was finally the Pooh Party day. And boy was she excited!

After we sang to her we took her into her "big girl room" where we had set up her birthday presents from us. We found a great deal on KSL for a kitchen and table with chairs. Jeff painted them to match her new room and I remade the stickers on the kitchen to match. I was really pleased with how they turned out and they look darling in her room!

Aubrey immediately loved her kitchen and table and started making some oatmeal for her animals!

We watched her play kitchen for probably a half hour! She was having a blast.

Then we took her into the front of the house where we had decorated for her party the night before. She saw the streamers and balloons as she was running in and just gasped. Then she started pointing out the Winnie the Pooh decorations.

For breakfast we had her favorite - Chocolate Chip Pancakes and Strawberries.

Here is Aubrey loving the balloons I brought home for the party. When it was nap time - Aubrey was so excited she had a hard time falling asleep. We heard her talking about her Pooh Party for about 45 min. before she finally drifted off to sleep!

This is the "Winnie the Pooh" cake that I promised Aubrey - and that she loved! I made it the day before and every time Aubrey saw the container it was in she would say, "See Pooh Cake?" So I would have to get it out and lift her up to see it. I am glad she enjoyed it so much - it makes all of the work worth it!

Getting the kids table ready for the party. We had 5 toddlers coming and I thought it would be cute to have them on little chairs at the coffee table.

While she was waiting for the party to start - Aubrey tried out the party games. Here she is playing the toss the bee bean bags into the honey pots.

I had to take a picture of Aubrey with her Pooh Pinata. We got it a week before the party and every day she went to the pantry to have a look at Pooh. And she wanted to show him to everybody that came over all week!

For the food, I wanted to serve some of Aubrey's favorite foods and keep with the Winnie the Pooh theme. So we had . . .

Piglets in a blanket

Tiggers Taquitos

Rabbit's Garden Veggies

and Roo's Rootbeer & Pooh "Bear"y juice.

Me and my girl in front of the "Pin the Tail on Eeyore" game before the party.

Daddy's & his little lady in front of her Happy Birthday sign.

The whole family right before the party.

Of course, we had to dress Brooke in Winnie the Pooh clothes as well!

The cute kids at the Toddler Table.

After Aubrey ate she ran into the back. After a few minutes I went looking for her. She was standing on her stool trying to reach into the crib to get Pooh Bear. Of course, Pooh bear had to be at her Pooh Party!

Luckily I had plenty of willing arms to hold Brooke during the party!

Having fun with Uncle Elliot! She is holding her little Pooh bag that I made. I made one for each of the kids to put their prizes in.

After we ate we played our games. First was Pin the tail on Eeyore.

Then we played the toss the bees in the honey pots.

I thought the boys would clean up at this game - but Cindy & Kelly tied for 1st place.

While the adults played the bean bag toss - I took the kids over to do the "Cake Walk"

Then it was time for the Pinata. Daddy thought it might upset Aubrey to see everyone beating Pooh Bear with a bat. So we opted for the kids to shake the candy out instead.

As you can see, as soon as a little of the candy fell out - the kids were no longer interested in shaking. They went right for the candy!

Then it was time for cake and ice cream. Here is Aubrey blowing out her candle. Mommy had to help because Aubrey wouldn't get close enough to the candle - because it was "too hot". I guess I shouldn't complain that she is too cautious!

At Aubrey's 1st birthday, she spit the cake out - cause she didn't like it too much. This time, she dug right in!

Who needs a plate and fork - when you can just pick up the cake and eat it with your hands!

Then it was time for presents! Most toddlers will open a present and want to play with it instead of opening the rest of the presents. Not Aubrey! My curious little girl had to know what was in each of her presents. As soon as we would open one, she would point to the next one and say, "that one". But, don't worry - she had plenty of fun playing with her presents after they were all opened!

Aubrey loved her Tricycle from G & G Bagley. As soon as she saw it she said, "Ride a bike!"

As you can see from the look on her face - she was thrilled to get her very own slide from her Aunts & Uncles.

Aubrey didn't know what to play with first. Here she is sitting on her tric, doing her hair, and holding her Dora bubbles.

Rachel & Zoe gave her this darling "sick" doll that came with medical supplies. Aubrey loves to doctor her animals and had a blast with her new sick doll! After she doctored her baby she wanted to listen to everyone's heartbeat with her stethoscope. She went and tried to reach down everybodies shirt to listen to their heartbeat! Cause that's what the doctor does!

Doing daddy's hair - doesn't he look so pretty!

We are usually quite vigilant with Aubrey's bedtime. But, Aubrey was so wired and having so much fun with her new gifts and playing with her Aunt Esther that I just didn't have the heart to put her to bed. So, she ended up staying up past 10:30! Luckily she made it up with a 4 hour nap today - 3 of those hours mommy napped as well!! With a newborn and a Pooh Party to put on - I was exhausted!

Thanks for all of the great gifts! And thanks for all of you who helped make Aubrey feel so special on her birthday! We all had such a fun day watching Aubrey be so excited and have so much fun!


Kimberlee said...

Happy Birthday to Aubrey! Can our little girls be two already?!? Cute cake...I did that one for Molly last year. At least Aubrey appreciated it. Looks like a great party you all had!

karen said...

Sounds like fun. Wish we were there. I love her little table. Happy Birthday Aubrey! Enjoy being 2!

p-boi said...

You did a great job on the party! The food? Hello? Can you say awesome?! And the honey pots? Did you make those yourself? They are amazing! You are awesome and I constantly find myself thinking: does it look as good as it would if Heather did it? LOL

Our Family said...

That looked like so much fun!

Natalie, Jon, Emma, Grace and Seth said...

i love themed parties! they are awesome! and you really went all out! it looks like a great time.

John and Ann Tolman said...

Holy Cow! What a fun birthday!!! Happy Birthday from the Tolmans!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2nd B-day from South Carolina!!! Aubrey's room is just darling!!! You guys did such a fantastic job on matching everything:)

Carl and Shawnie said...

You are seriously amazing!! You have a newborn and you put together what I have to say looks like the cutest birthday party, ever! You do know I'm a huge Pooh fan, right? And my birthday is coming up, I might need some help convincing Carl that I need a Pooh Party!