Friday, September 25, 2009

Daddy's Taking Us to the Zoo Tomorrow

Actually he took us today - but that's one of Aubrey's favorite songs and we've been singing it all week as we looked forward to going to the Zoo today!

When Aubrey woke up this morning, Daddy asked her where we were going today. She thought for just a second and then got really excited and yelled, "THE ZOO!" She was so excited. She kept telling us all morning that she was all ready to go. The whole ride there she said, "We're almost to the Zoo Mommy." I love to see her that excited!

First we rode the train.

I think Aubrey's face looks like a Porcelain Doll's face in this picture. I've always thought someone should make a baby doll out of her. Probably every mommy thinks that though!

This monkey was just a talking away. I had no idea that monkey's made a sound like that. Jeff asked Aubrey what the monkey was saying and she said, "He's saying there's too many people here." Too funny - cause it was probably true!

Brooke enjoyed the Zoo as well. She was happy as can be taking a long walk in the stroller and looking around at everything.

My favorite part was seeing the baby elephant. How cute she is. She followed her mother everywhere. It totally reminded me of Aubrey about a year ago.

I think Cougars are so pretty. (And that's not just because I'm a BYU alumni!)

The baby giraffe was also really cute!

The above is a mother tiger with her 3 tiger cubs. You can't see them very well. As soon as Jeff walked away with the camera - the mother and one of the cubs got up and walked around. I was really wishing I had the camera. But, I was glad that Aubrey and I got to see the cute tiger cub.

All this looking around just wears a little one out!

Aubrey totally lucked out. They accidentally charged us for 2 carousel rides and the line was too long to go back and return the one ticket. So, she got to ride twice. She sooo was not complaining about that. While she waited in line for me she said she wanted to ride the elephant. I was nervous cause there were lots of kids in front of us - but she lucked out and got her wish!

This is what Brooke was doing while Aubrey rode. Good thing too, cause I probably would have felt bad not giving Brooke a chance to ride.

Then while Aubrey was in line with Daddy, all she could talk about was riding the Zebra. Once again she lucked out and got her choice. What a lucky kid today!

My sweet angel woke up as Aubrey was finishing her ride.

We had such a fun time at the Zoo today. On the ride home we were asking Aubrey what animals we saw today. She listed off some animals and then said, "Those animals were REAL animals." I guess we've gone to the museum too many times that she wasn't expecting to see real animals today. I am glad that she was pleasantly surprised! Thanks Jeff for taking the day off to take us to the Zoo!

To top things off, Aubrey got to sit in her new booster seat at the table tonight. I figure since Brooke will be starting solids here soon, we ought to get Aubrey transferred over to the table so she doesn't get upset when Brooke takes over the highchair.


Summer Carlile said...

How fun, you have the cutest little munchkins!

Amy Coltrin said...

I tried so hard to get a good shot of the baby elephant. I just couldn't get one! We went Sept 18th. Looks like you guys had fun.